Teaching Critical Thinking - Freewriting Essay Example

Published: 2019-10-31
Teaching Critical Thinking - Freewriting Essay Example
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Freewriting is a way of elucidating to students that emotional as well as personal characteristic of own-self is acceptable and noticed in all aspects of writing and that includes academic writing. Academic writing is highly valued as much as freewriting and should focus on career to produce not only academicians but also personal writers. It is with great concern that in trying to get a point across, one should pay attention to writing while giving room for personal view as well as emotional element.

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What is crucial to note is that there is an element of emotional as well as personal influence in almost every written piece. When students tend to ignore and avoid the emotional topics and personal subheadings, a sense of morale and interest is not gained. In this way, they begin to become resistant to writing any assigned tasks. In the event that freewriting is applied effectively, the focus can shift and it can influence the students morale in engaging in academic writing. Elbow reinforces by postulating that academic writing should not entail archaic ways of teaching discourage students from academic writing.

As opposed to academic writing, freewriting would engage the students mindset and inculcate not only a culture of writing but also reading and understanding. However, academic writing can also pose as the real work of the academy. It would be opposed to the freewriting in fact that it is writing in line with instructions and study of writing. In other words, writing does not happen without teachers. Thus there is no other writing done in academy which is apparently not academic writing. This point in my opinion is baseless and may seem unclear.

In the event that we assume freewriting to be only academic writing, we assume that it is not our personal and own writing and that they may belong to other sources such as TV shows, books, blogs, History as well as the culture. And this is contradictory as it offers something totally different to students. And when something different is offered to the students, it keeps them away from criticality of contemporary issues such as the power to authority, traditions. It is also evident that there are instances when students are asked in classwork to write their imaginations and that they can engage their creativity and write on their own. In this event, it gives students the room to write their ideas as well as in-depth thoughts and not to use the ones that belongs elsewhere. In my opinion, this is a situation of freewriting where academic writing allows room from restrictions of authority, power, and free institutional pressure.

In conclusion, academic writing entails the writing that restrict students to certain element of confinement but in real sense students can get some room to write their own imaginations and shade some light on their thoughts. It gives room for academic writing to be classified under freewriting which also gives students room to use emotional and personal aspect of own. Therefore, Bartholomae values academic writing academic writing for these reasons.

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