HRM Essay Example: Tanglewood's Staffing Strategy

Published: 2022-03-18
HRM Essay Example: Tanglewood's Staffing Strategy
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Tanglewood is a collection of several retail stores that feature different types of items. These include electronics, appliances, clothing and home decor. Tanglewood strengths are centered on moderate prices and targeting both the middle and upper-income clients. Considering the distribution stores, their niche is reflected by simplicity, elegance, and design concepts for the in-house and store products.

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The mission and vision of this organization are providing quality products and services that satisfy its customer's preferences. To its employees, shareholders, and customers, Tanglewood has focused on maximum value provision through approaches such as honesty and clarity in communication, fostering quality customer service and promoting financial management that is responsible and concise. Since its inception in 1975 by two friends, Thurston Wood and Tanner Emerson, the company has continuously focused on enhancing its quality of services through competent employees. Some of the profound attributes for Tanglewood workers include commitment, teamwork, demonstration of effective interpersonal skills and technical abilities. Considering the organizational structure of Tanglewood, it is similar to other retail stores with some of the critical positions being managers and shift leaders.

Based on the above information, it is imperative for individuals aspiring to work at Tanglewood possess the required qualifications and skills that will aid in promoting the mission, values, and visions of the company. These include teamwork, interpersonal abilities, leadership and management, technical, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Staffing Levels and Qualities

For an organization such as Tanglewood, it is critical for it to employ strategic staffing decisions profoundly according to its structure and culture. These are essential in not only employing competent employees based on their qualifications but also demonstrate effective skills that will aid in achieving the organizational goals and objectives. The following analysis represents Tanglewood approaches to the staffing levels and qualities.

Staffing Levels

Acquire or Develop Talent: This entails choosing whether the organization should hire developed employees or have those that are willing to work and mold them according to their requirements. For Tanglewood, its employees should be developed, and the organization should regularly enhance their skills according to the current trends and requirements such as advanced technology

Lag or Lead System: This involves either having systems that respond to the Human Resource strategy (lag) or allowing the staff to be the key inputs to the organization (Lead). Tanglewood should employ the lead system that will allow employees to make the objectives attainable through their talents and ideas based on aspects such as customer quantity and preferences

External or Internal hiring: This is described as filling in the job positions from either the internal or external labor market. For Tanglewood, a blend of these workers is critical to allow for committed and stable workforce that satisfies the organizational growth

Core or Flexible Workforce: This involves the employment statuses of either permanent, contractual or casual worker. Tanglewood should have a blend of all these statuses based on the variation in the organizational needs, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness

Hire or Retain: This involves evaluating the trade-off between retention and hiring strategies. Although Tanglewood cannot eliminate turnover, it will be essential for promoting a small number but highly retainable to reduce the costs and time limitations of turnovers

National or Global: This entails the selection source of the workers from either within or outside the borders. Tanglewood should observe the legislation on labor force diversity and employ individuals across all regions to promote global staffing. This will allow for new and competent ideas from outside the borders

Attract or Relocate: This involves how an organization induces the number of qualified personnel to visit the organization for employment. For Tanglewood, attracting approach could be better based on its competence, values, and missions.

Overstaff or Understaff: This entails maintaining a reasonable staffing quantity depending on the needs, skills, or target by the organization. Tanglewood should maintain a sufficient staff quantity according to its demand and job allocations. This will ensure cost effectiveness and avoid a turnover.

Hire or Acquire: This entails acquiring the staff through the normal hiring approach or using the acquisition strategy. Tanglewood should mix the two depending on a number of factors such as if a new store is acquired, the staff are retained. Hiring option for normal staffing should be used to eliminate staffing costs and avoid resistance to change

Staffing Qualities

Person/Job or Person/Organization Match: This involves ensuring the hired individual is consistent with the organization requirement. Tanglewood should select employees that function variety of tasks according to the job requirement and organizational values and culture

Specific or General KSAOs: This involves having employees that have specific KSAOs or general ones. Tanglewood should seek for employees with general KSAOs which allows the individual to suit both the current and future position

Exceptional of Acceptable Workforce Quality: This is described as having employees with preeminent KSAOs or those with a ballpark of KSAOs. Tanglewood should select employees with exceptional qualities to promote competence and reduce the workforce development expenses

Active or Passive Diversity: This entails the diversity of the workforce with regards to values, demographics, and languages. For Tanglewood, an active approach should be employed which is morally and legally appropriate and also allow the satisfaction of the diverse customer needs

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