Essay Sample on Health Insurance and Quality

Published: 2023-01-30
Essay Sample on Health Insurance and Quality
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The assertion that human life is priceless is indisputable. Regarding this, all spheres of human life, whether political, social, economic, or cultural ought to be inclined toward the conservation and protection of human life. The provision of healthcare is one prime aspect whose focal point is to preserve and save a life. Therefore, health insurance and quality care should be regarded as necessary and critical elements for achieving universal and affordable healthcare.

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Quality Initiatives to Increase Patient Satisfaction and Potentially Reduce Health Cost

The principal focus of the healthcare sector is to reduce the cost of accessibility to medication while improving the overall quality of healthcare provision. To achieve this goal, vital quality initiatives to increase patient satisfaction and potentially reduce health costs have to be initiated, some of which include:

Similar Provider Fees

Several basic health plans spend significant levels of time in the attempt to achieve a contractual agreement with hospitals, laboratories, and physicians to pursue networking programs. In the past epoch, there existed wide gaps and exceptional features among these programs that made it relatively difficult to combine all these programs. However, the current epoch is characterized by a reduced level of dissimilarity between these programs that they are relatively considered to be a single program (Cavaliere, 2018). Therefore, the realization of quality care that will increase patient satisfaction and potentially reduce health cost demands the creation of a single contract among all health providers and plans.

As a consequence, government health specialists and regional health administrators need to come together and establish national guidelines on health that will help to significantly save a lot of money spend by the health providers and planners. Therefore, the providers of health will be subjected only to a single contractor, and the fee will be standard countrywide.

Establishment of a National Data Warehouse

Utilization of data and health claims are chief elements towards the realization of quality healthcare delivery (Barr, 2019). The mobilization of all data claims into a single system will open doors for more dynamic analysis as well as quicken the creation of quality criteria for healthcare providers. Also, the quality analysis needs to be quickly and freely accessible to both the consumers and payers of care. Hence, the main reason behind the establishment of a national data warehouse would be to come up with a primary quality measure that is acceptable and understood by both consumers and payers.

Creation of a Physician Council

The national data warehouse will be a source of medical procedures. Data analysis will make it possible for a group of physicians to establish similarities and variations in medical procedures and rectify where necessary within a community. More so, better medical systems will evolve from the data warehouse as per the guidance of the physician council, together with the adaptation of new technologies in healthcare. The physician council will make it possible to transfer the pivotal medical knowledge to the grassroots levels, thus improving healthcare uniformly.

Acceptability of the Use of Medicare and Medicaid

It is important to note that Medicare and Medicaid are different. Medicaid is primarily a federal government program made for low-income citizens even though its administration varies among states (Reagan, 2018). On the other hand, the creation of Medicare was centered on the high medical needs of advanced citizens (Delavallade, 2016). The two methods, however, have several carrying conditions for one to be eligible to get them. Regarding the two forms of insurance, their amiability is very critical to enable both the elderly and the financially unstable to receive proper medical attention.

Besides, the accessibility of quality care is the right of every individual. However, lack of financial muscles has for long been a significant impediment to needy citizens' to access health care (Delavallade, 2016). Therefore, my decision to accept both Medicare and Medicaid insurance is based on the fact that it is the right of everyone to live a healthy life. Hence, the two insurances come to aid the elderly who fall sick frequently and those lacking adequate financial stability; accordingly, I will gladly accept them since they purpose to save a life.


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