Supply Chain Logistics Management Case Study

Published: 2022-12-26
Supply Chain Logistics Management Case Study
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Question 1: Put yourself in the position of the vice-president of Genexis and structure the debate on how to approach the primary issue he is facing, namely, how they are going to get cooperation from all the supply chain participants.

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I was the vice president of Genexis I will structure debate on the creation of a stable supply chain for the pharmaceutical section of the company by embracing the value-added network (VAN) system. I will also facilitate it's rolling out because of its relevance and benefits to the pharmaceutical industry in Brazil. By accepting the VAN features, production shall be modified by the supply chain participants based on the consumption of drugs which can lower the logistics prices. VAN can is an added advantage since it can be used to promote their products in a broader platform with the least expenditure. This factor will be facilitated by the right shift to online business and internet marketing.

The convenience around VAN will enhance cooperation as suppliers, manufacturers and vendors will get their services easily appropriately based on the information provided on the system. With the expansion of the right VAN offerings, all the stakeholders such as the laboratories, hospitals, vendors, physician, and other selling points will benefit as Genexis enjoys the development opportunity in Brazil's pharmaceutical area. Another option for that I may consider is the use of past findings on other companies that have implemented a system and research on the advantages and disadvantages of using the system and find out if the company can survive the business and emerge victoriously.

Question 2: Analyze the general supply chain management issue: do you think Genexis could manage to launch successful initiatives to perform in other market segments, such as the confectionery industry, which have a similar structure? What kind of problems do you foresee with the broadening of their services in this way?

Since they are in a similar market, they will launch successful supply initiatives and use prior systems to see what they can improve. On the same note, Genexis has been in the business for almost two decades and the gathered experience during this period is essential when venturing into different markets. The company has shown its proficiency in the pharmaceutical industry in Brazil through its strategic plan that has enabled it to compete effectively. Therefore with its knowledge in supply chain management, it will be easier for the company to expand its services and offers sustainable and reliable VAN services.

The problem I foresee in the company's ventures is the failure to meet the client's expectation in terms of gaining green and useful statistics. Genexis may not be having appropriate expertise in the new confectionary enterprise, and with a short period of implementation, the company is likely to encounter challenges. However, they will need to establish a reliable supply chain from the initial stages so that they will be able to beat the stiff competitions from other companies offering similar services.

Question 3: What major competencies should Genexis maintain and develop to grow in its current market? What strategic alliances, if any, should Genexis create to establish its VAN or service supply network?

One of the competencies is their access to a sturdy technology useful resource by Embratel, a Brazilian telecom company. This resource will help provide infrastructure and the data technology required for the venture to be successful. Another competency is the strong monetary base which was partly contributed by the Pactual-Electro which is essential in the kick-starting the new venture.

Some strategic alliances Genexis should utilize are access to supplementary services, increased brand awareness, and upholding trust and honesty. I believe these are the most impactful for a company to expand into different markets so they all know who what they are trying to accomplish they trust each other and are willing to share information with their suppliers.

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