Summer 2009 - A Life Changing Experience! Personal Essay Example

Published: 2020-11-26
Summer 2009 - A Life Changing Experience! Personal Essay Example
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Establishing ones purpose, values, visions, motivations, goals and beliefs is all what discovering real inner self entails! As the saying goes: as within so without! Ideally, the reality around us is a vivid reflection of the inner world. A hard fact of life is that many people do not have a clue of who they truly are! To make matters worse, they are not even interested in knowing their inner self! Basically, there exist two versions of self: Inner and outer. It is paramount to get in touch with the inner image and dispose of any negative perception advanced by the external world. It is not what others think of you that defines self, but self-awareness and a high level of introspection.

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Come to think of it, failure to discover self makes one to live the life of others, pursue their dreams and live up to their expectations! Experiencing life lessons plays a significant role in transforming ones intuitions. Through life experiences, ones potential, strengths and weaknesses are unveiled. In the words of the famous country musician Keith Urban, As I go through life experiences, every moment avails an opportunity to rethink and redefine life.

I grew up in a well-up family and lived among a high-class neighborhood in the capital city of Ethiopia. As a youngster, I had no outside experience. Despite the fact that I resided in an executive house and enrolled in an expensive private school, I was quite irrational and was never contented or appreciative of anything! I was inferred by many as a spoilt kid. During the summer holidays in 2009, my parents decided to send me to my uncle in the countryside located in the suburbs of Ethiopia.

My first experience at my uncles place was tough and onerous. I had to forego all the pleasures that I was used to in the city. It was also difficult to do without amenities such as holiday resorts, Jacuzzi and spars, shopping malls, movie theatres and burger shops! Unlike my parents spacious villa in the city, my uncle lived in a clay Hut which had a thatched roof. Since there was no electricity in the area, I burned the midnight oil using a candle. My sweet, awesome and comfy nights were transformed to horrific episodes of long nights especially because of the uncomfortable bed that I slept on! Even though he didnt have the worlds best house, my uncle was happy that at least he had place that he could call home.

Although my parents spent a lot of money paying my school fees, never at any time did it dawn on me of how fortunate I was. My cousin Elias strenuously woke up early in the morning to attend to different chores before attending school. While a chauffeur drove me to school, Elias had to walk countless miles to school. Nevertheless, the experience of seeing students sit on chairs made of brick stones and with no tables indeed humbled me.

I am indeed thankful to my parents for their provision of basic needs. Indeed, my 2009 summer experience taught me to be appreciative of every good gift I receive. I am no longer choosy especially when it comes to foodstuffs. Additionally, the summer experience taught me to conserve water. Since the experience, I have changed my attitude. I no longer take for granted the privileges I receive back in the city. Through this invaluable experience, I am indeed humbled and no longer despise the less privileged in the society.

No matter how deeply embedded one's inner self is, the journey of discovering self always ripple out and stirs within the depth of the soul. It is not until you establish self that you will start being conscious of your thoughts and actions. Self-discovery is an ongoing process and never ends. It is never too late to discover self! My summer experience was indeed a life changing opportunity that turned my life for the better. From the experience, I now can see life from a different angle. The invaluable experience has taught me to be a dedicated, appreciative, thankful, reverent and satisfied person. After all, whats the true meaning of life if it is not to learn, progress and enjoy? I am indeed grateful and indebted to my parents for their continued love, support and tender care to me. What remains in my mind are the undeletable memories of my summer experience in the Ethiopian suburbs. It was indeed a valuable and memorable summer holiday full of life changing lessons!

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