What Is Art - Essay Example

Published: 2018-04-24
What Is Art - Essay Example
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In my perspective, I think art cannot be anything. Although there are many with a preposition of art having no specific definition, I beg to differ on this. Art is in most cases regarded as a product or process of intentionally arranging elements in a manner that creates appeal to emotions or senses. In order to create such appeal, a range of human activities, creation means of expression (such as literature, music, painting, and sculptor) have to be involved. Art is saturated with immense cultural, personal and emotional histories. In other words, most arts have a meaning behind them which is the goal of creating it in the first place. When artists or those involved sit down to design some crafts, they do this with a purpose in their minds. As I have already discussed, this purpose can be either to be present a personal perspective, cultural history, or emotional aspect (happy, sad, joyful et cetera). For instance, when a child or a person sits down with a piece of paper and scribbles down something that looks like a piece of art, but with no meaning, it cannot make sense to the viewer. Similarly, there are many other creations around our environment which may appear to have been crafted by someone but who did not have any intention of creating anything. We should also note that note all people have the capability or talent of drawing or creating something that can be considered ideal or appealing. What I am trying to say is that artwork should be the work of an artist or someone with talents or skills to produce something. In this perspective, it could therefore be virtually wrong to label anything that appears to be constructed out of something as “art” without considering its intended purpose or meaning.

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An artist has to understand how to make the piece of art appealing, creative and more important how to express the intended messages or theme in the artwork. Let me reiterate here that a meaningless piece of drawing or a clay structure made aimlessly should not be labeled art. A simple definition of art could therefore be something which is both functional and non-functional but which creates appeal to the viewer’s eyes alongside carrying a hidden meaning. In addition, this something contains some form of value which is beyond its usefulness. In general, something should only be called art when it is made by a skilled or talented person and that the person had an objective in mind while creating it.

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