Summary of the news article The worlds largest primate is being wiped out by war.

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The population of Grauers gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been dropping at an alarming rate. Mechanisms put in place, such as the recruitment of more rangers, to curb this trend have not worked. Nearly two decades ago, its population was estimated to be 17,000. At the moment, the population stands at 3800. The huge decline of approximately 77% has been largely blamed on the civil war in the DRC ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"obOP7Y7N","properties":{"formattedCitation":"(Izadi, 2016)","plainCitation":"(Izadi, 2016)"},"citationItems":[{"id":463,"uris":[""],"uri":[""],"itemData":{"id":463,"type":"article-newspaper","title":"The worlds largest primate is being wiped out by war","container-title":"The Washington Post","source":"","abstract":"War, mining and hunting have decimated Grauer's gorillas, which live in ever-decreasing numbers in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.","URL":"","ISSN":"0190-8286","language":"en-US","author":[{"family":"Izadi","given":"Elahe"}],"issued":{"date-parts":[["2016",4,5]]},"accessed":{"date-parts":[["2016",4,18]]}}}],"schema":""} (Izadi, 2016). The DRCs civil war can be traced to 1994 Rwandas genocide which led to the refugee crisis in the eastern part of the DRC. According to the report published by Congolese Institute for the Conservation of Nature, bush meat hunting to feed miners and militias has significantly impacted gorillas population. The militia prefers this type of gorilla due to its huge size (400 pounds) and hence one kill can feed a large number of people. Because of the high demand for Grauers gorillas meat and the subsequent rapid decline in population, these gorillas are on the verge of extinction. In 1980, these gorillas were classified as endangered, but conservationists are pushing to be categorized as critically endangered due to their current number. This is a summary of the news article The worlds largest primate is being wiped out by war and is related to Chapter 14- Natural Resources.

This crisis, if not checked immediately, may drive the gorillas to extinction which may force the militia to start hunting other animals. Because of this, new approaches should immediately be put in place to end this menace. The most effective approach could be the use GPS tracking equipment to monitor their movement.


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