Software Use Success Criteria. Essay Sample.

Published: 2019-06-10
Software Use Success Criteria. Essay Sample.
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Success Criteria

This particular charter is one that the Ohio Department for Human Services is looking into to ensure that the email systems within its operations are upgraded from the current version 7.0 to the newer and more efficient version 9.0. This upgrade has been approved on many instances for its easy usability and ready application of conversing with clients concerning services. As such this part of the paper looks at the success criteria that the organization will use in ensuring that this program becomes a success.

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The first criteria for the success of the usability of the program will be to measure client responses in terms of reviews from the clients of the organization. Because the improvement is largely based on improving services to the client, the web application will regularly send out survey emails to the clients of the service to ask them about their experience while using the platform. The major aim of this service is to ensure that the client even in the most remote part of the state can receive quality service, same as the person in the urban area. The first point of contact then will be engaging client views on the improvement of the systems.

Another success pointer for this upgrade will be concerning the efficiency and ease of communication that the platform has provided with regards to making work easier for the workers of the Ohio Department of Human Services. Such efficiency will be measured by the ease and quick service of clients when using the platform, as well as ease of communication between departments and across offices and city stations. Meeting client needs is the major cause of concern for this new platform and the ease with which service delivery becomes efficient thus becomes a success pointer for this project.

The cost effectiveness of the project is also going to be a success indicator for this project. Although this is a long-term measurement for the organization, it will eventually show the success of the project in its ability to save on funds used on manual forwarding and delivery of information throughout the various branches in the state. The intention of this is to show that the program now costs less as it has ensured that clients are served faster and the state government can earn faster on transactions made via these channels. Cost effectiveness could also be measured through the reduction of bureaucracy and increased efficiency of workers in the state, giving the government value for the moneys paid in salaries.

Addenda Item Analysis

In this section, we review the list of items of concern to this project and some of the lessons learned from these items. They include the cost of the project, its schedule and performance of the overall implementation of the project.

With regards to the schedule of implementation, it was very interesting because of the delays that were occasioned by the turnover rates in the company. Because of the lack of coordination with the overall leaders OF THE PROJECT, THE IMPLEMENTAITON Process of the entire project was delayed. Putting back together the whole group in order to finish the project was an extremely cumbersome, time consuming process that ended up being quite expensive to the account of the organization. Furthermore, there were leadership concerns to be learned during this process, as there is need for employee engagement in the process of the implementation of organizational change in any organization.

Some of the experiences obtained from this was that there is an ability for the organization to ensure that there is future proper implementation of the programs required in a bid to ensure that there is smooth flow of service to the public. Being a public body, the Ohio Department of Human Services requires a working plan for the implementation of change, as well as training programs giving the employees of the company sufficient knowledge on how to deal with the changes in technology within the organization.

With regards to cost, there was a major lesson to learn. When the change was implemented and there was the quitting of so many from the IT department of the company, there was need to hire outside help to go on with the implementation of the project. There was heavy spending because of this last minute rush to get people to get on with the project before the whole system was scheduled to go under water. With this kind of approach, then it is necessary that projects maintain a spare amount of money for the purposes of miscellaneous expenses that may come up in the course of transacting business and implementing the project. This was an important leadership lesson concerning accountability of funds afforded to the project, and ensuring that there is a back-up plan to the existing plans for the purposes of ensuring the safeguarding of the implementation process.

The performance of the project is on track as we speak. The lesson learned from this approach is that for the assurance of the smooth running of a project, there is a very high initial capital investment required. The job of overseeing the success of a project is based on ensuring that the project maintains momentum from its start till when it can stand on its own. Performance issues were thoroughly tested during the simulation stage to ensure that the program would be compatible with our systems. There was also an initial investment in the infrastructure of rural branches in order to ensure that they are connected to this system at the required internet speeds. The performance issue was a major concern as without performance of the project, the implementation would be in vain.

Success of the project

Considering the overall success of the project, I would say that this project is a success. Despite many challenges that were faced in the planning and implementation section of the project, there has been overall success of the processes done and client feedback has been good. The Ohio Department of Human Services has been noticed for increasing customer satisfaction practices through the implementation of technology within their systems, and an improved approach to serving clients through this platform. Clients have also noted an improvement in terms of time taken to serve each client and the speed and accuracy of service within this new system. Communication has equally become easier even for offices in the rural areas because of the installation of infrastructure to aid communication for these offices. An overall view of the project can be said to be a smooth road with its expected bumps, as is the case with any project.

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