Education Essay Example: Succeeding in College

Published: 2022-09-12
Education Essay Example: Succeeding in College
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Sometimes students may fail to achieve their academic pursuits due to excess freedom that characterizes college life. The college environment poses a lot of challenges, especially to new learners. Unlike previous institutions of learning, the level of one-on-one supervision is very minimal in institutions of higher education. Most of the students joining campus are adults and thus, they seek to exercise their autonomy on academic and other life-related issues. In a college, students have different levels of motivation towards school work. Therefore, it is necessary for them to adopt specific strategies to ensure they achieve academic success. This paper outlines three essential steps that a new student should take to succeed in college.

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A new student needs to set specific personal, academic goals right from the admission. Setting goals at an early stage enable a student to establish an excellent pace for his or her school sessions. It also motivates a student to work smart. One can start by setting small, achievable, and realistic goals as he or she adapts to the new environment. Specific objectives will help the learner to remain focused with his or her academics. The campus environment has a lot of distractions that can derail a student from his or her initial goals. Thus, as a new student, it is essential to learn how to prioritize academic objectives as it makes learning enjoyable. Total devotion and adherence to the set goals help the student to succeed academically.

A new student needs to plan his or her time well to benefit from the wide variety of resources that the school setting offers. Proper planning will enable the student to utilize the services provided by the professors and the school or community libraries maximally. Time management is an essential aspect as it allows a new learner to adapt to the school program quickly. A student should strive to balance the various roles that he or she performs within the school. He or she can achieve a proper time management plan by strategically scheduling tasks according to his or her weaknesses and strengths. When well-managed, the student can use the free time to participate in extracurricular activities that are likely to improve his social skills.

The student needs to respect himself or herself and any other person surrounding his or her world. Developing mutual respect for peers, professors, and institution help learners to form meaningful relations that can foster academic success. A respectful relationship will allow the student to interact freely with others whenever he or she needs help. However, respect does not stop with the interpersonal relationships that thrive within and outside the school setting. The student should nurture respect towards the institution by respecting the rules and regulations. For instance, he or she should submit all assignments within the given deadlines. Such efforts can help the student to succeed academically while in college.

In conclusion, new college students need to stay wary during their time in college to avoid losing track of their academic goals. A new student needs to adopt some strategies to ensure he or she achieves academic success in college. Factors such as the freedom that institutions of higher learning present can derail a learner's commitment to academics. Hence, a student should set and prioritize his or her specific goals to remain focused. Additionally, he or she should manage his or her time well and show respect to the institution. By adopting these measures, the student is likely to succeed well academically.

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