Essay Sample about Leadership

Published: 2022-03-25
Essay Sample about Leadership
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Shift leader 1200 0 600 192 0 0 408

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Department manager 850 0 0 493 102 0 255

Assistant Store Manager 150 0 0 9 69 12 60

Store manager 50 0 0 0 0 33 17

Year-end total 4505 1110 694 171 45

External hires needed 3995 90 156 n/a 5

Labor Requirement forecasts

The forecast shows that the company expects an additional score associated with the next year to be 4500. Of the 4500, 3995 are expected to be external hires. Out of the total store associate, 510 associates will be promoted to the shift leader positions. The coming year estimates for the shift leaders is forecasted to remain the same at 1200 workforce, however, this number out of the 1200 employees, 510 will be promoted from the store associate position, and 192 of the existing shift leaders will be promoted to department manager. The number of shift leaders that will face exit is 408, leaving a vacancy of 90 external shift leaders.

The labor plan and the requirement for department manager follows the same trend with the number of department managers still at 850. However, this figure consists of 192 shift leaders who will be promoted to the department level, and 102 department managers will be promoted to assistant store manager, and 255 of the existing department managers will face the exit. Also, 9 assistant store managers will be demoted to department managers. The company will have to seek 156 external department managers for the remaining vacancies.

For the assistant manager, the figure is estimated to be the same the coming year at 150 assistant managers. Of the 150 assistant managers, 102 will be promoted from department manager and nine will be demoted to the same position however 12 from the existing assistance managers will be promoted to store managers.

The store manager similarly is expected to remain at 50 managers. 17 managers from the previous store managers will face exile, and 12 of the assistant store managers get the promotion to store manager position. Five managers will be hired externally.


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