Styles of Managing Conflict, Free Essay for Students

Published: 2022-04-20
Styles of Managing Conflict, Free Essay for Students
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Conflict is one of the things that happen in our daily life as when people get angry with each other they react without realizing the damaged that is caused by their feelings. These conflicts are mostly brought by peoples differences as what one want conflict with the other person will. Therefore, it is essential to understand the dynamics behind a conflict to make it easier to resolve the issues. The insight helps an individual mediate a dispute between relatives and friends. Most of the conflicts particularly professional and personal have been break down by the experts into basics types which are commonly based on the underlying causes of the dynamics and disagreements. However, there are five major styles that are used to manage conflict but only two that work effectively which are accommodating and collaboration.

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In an idealized world, each person is capable of getting what they want without upsetting others. However, it is more complicated as it is certainly possible for people of different opinions working together to find a solution which works for both parties but requires some effort. In most cases there is no ideal solution thus a diplomat will need to dig deeper into his or her bag of tricks to arise in a solution (Chan et al. 2014). The first step that needs to be taken in whatever the situation is determining exactly what sort of conflict has come up. By paying close attention, it is easier to identify the style of conflict management which fits better the circumstance which in my case I prefer using two techniques as they work effectively for me.

These two styles of managing conflict work efficiently because for instance in the accommodating style an individual can cooperate to a higher degree although it is on a person's own expense which at sometimes can be against his or her objective and wanted results. The approach work perfectly especially when the other party is a specialist or has a better solution. This style also preserves future relations with the other party.

On the other hand, collaborating is another style that personally I prefer to use when solving a conflict. On this style an individual partner with the other party to attain both of their objectives. The method is used to break free of the win-lose paradigm and get win-win instead as no one want to be on the losing side (Chan et al. 2014). It works effectively when it comes to complex scenarios where a novel solution is needed such as re-framing the challenge to create a bigger room that accommodates everyone's opinions and ideas. Although it is difficult sometimes as it requires the highest level of trust and achieving an agreement can require a great deal of exertion and time to get both parties on board and to incorporate everyone thought, it gives the best solutions.

In conclusion, in our daily life, we must encounter conflict because every person has different opinions which conflict with the will of others. In a perfect world, every individual can get what they want without making others angry, but that is very difficult in a real world. But, it is certainly possible for people with different opinions to arise into a solution once there is a conflict. In this case, I prefer using two styles of managing disagreement as they work efficiently and benefit both parties which include accommodating and collaboration. However, although they require effort, they work efficiently and helps me to arise into a solution.


Chan, J. C., Sit, E. N., & Lau, W. M. (2014). Conflict management styles, emotional intelligence and implicit theories of personality of nursing students: A cross-sectional study. Nurse education today, 34(6), 934-939.

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