Free Essay with Pepperdine University Research

Published: 2019-06-19
Free Essay with Pepperdine University Research
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The needs being addressed include offering management, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills in one comprehensive and conveniently structured course. For professionals who wish to develop their leadership and entrepreneurship skills while still working, the SEC is specifically made to suit their purpose. In addition, those who desire to develop leadership skills to create social change are considered in the programs structure. The degree offered has forty units and can be completed in 20 months.

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Key Message Points

Pepperdine University has a singular mix of resources that create an environment suitable for professionals and non-professionals alike to pursue their courses of interest. The learning environment is tailored to suit the needs of the diverse mix of students. The global exchange program at Pepperdine have a versatile global perspective that engages students in social, economic, and community issues. Pepperdine University has a strong cohort model that is created to maintain strong peer support and lifelong professional relationships. The program is based on a technology blended model that will see 60% of the coursework delivered via face to face instructions while the 40% will be delivered via online instructions. The model is convenient and in line with current trends in technology and delivery of learning.

Call to Action

The campaign involves use of Twitter and LinkedIn to reach out to potential students all over the world. The call to action will be a link to the program website and more information on costs and registration.

Example of a Tweet: Develop your entrepreneurial skills and impactful leadership while learning management practices at a global leader in social entrepreneurship and change.

Measurement Approach

To determine whether the campaign has met its objectives, a section in new applications will be introduced. The new section will query the new applicant on the sources of information about the program. Additionally, effectiveness will be measured by the level of engagement on the two platforms selected. For Twitter, the number of replies and inquiries or retweets will be used to measure the extent of engagement. For LinkedIn, the number of individuals who add the program to connections plus active engagements will be used to gauge the level of interaction. The number of new admissions will be compared before the campaign and after the campaign is initiated.


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