Essay Example about Stress Management Techniques

Published: 2019-10-08
Essay Example about Stress Management Techniques
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Stress is generally psychological along with physical response and reaction to the over-increasing demands of life. It is very important to adopt the best ways to manage stress and the following are some of the techniques adopted. I considered visiting my personal doctor (a psychologist as well) and was advised on the following ways of fighting or evading stress.

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Humour therapy is a good way to reduce and avoid stress in ones life. It has a number of benefits including stimulation of some organs like the heart, lungs and muscles, improves the efficiency of oxygen intake and more endorphins are released by the rain. I exercised soothing tension with a nice laughter that aided me induce and stimulate circulation as well as muscle relaxation and as a result had some of my physical symptoms of stress reduced. I realised that rollicking laughter raises and smoothly drops down my stress response. The increased heart rate and blood pressure resulted into a nice relaxed feeling.

I also employed music therapy in managing my stress. Music had a close and special link with my emotions therefore termed as an important tool to effectively manage my stress. When listening to a slow and quiet music, I had a tremendous form of relaxation effect in my mind as well as the whole body. I had a special feeling and rebirth of physiological function; went ahead and checked pulse rate and heart rate and realised they had lowered with a corresponding decrease in levels of stress hormones (Seaward, 2015).

However, music draws attention although it acts as destruction but is beneficial in exploring emotions. I found myself meditating whenever I deeply concentrated to music. Another limitation of music is that everyone has a choice of preference, therefore only the person can decide what he/she like and also what is suitable for each mood. Again, it is obvious that when people are stressed, they tend to stay away from music as this, to them, seems like time wastage. According to me, hooking up music listening with busy life is a beneficial way to fully manage stress in my life. I also sang along with the music and found myself release tension. I also listened to calming music before bedtime and had slept easily induced.

The final day, I decided to vent my anger in an effective way to minimise stress. I did this in mind that whenever I felt stressed of anger, those thoughts shouldnt be tamped down inside my heart and let them accumulate power to cause a critical health condition. However, this kind of therapy is that it makes matters even worse than before. Anger is a normal as well as a healthy form of emotion but when its intensity outweighs ones cognitive thought and runs out of control, it can have a negative impact on health. The literature behind venting is understanding the message behind the emotions and in return expresses it in a accepted and healthy way. Learning the best way to vent my anger took time and as I put more effort on mastering the art, it became easier. This kind of therapy, however, was not good with the friends around and even family members.

Primal therapy is another way of fighting stress and is termed as a trauma-based psychotherapy as created by Dr. Arthur. He argues that neurosis is caused by the repressed pain of childhood trauma. Primal screaming brings about a tremendous relief.

I came into a conclusion music is the best and the most effective therapy to manage stress because it requires a concentration and meditation. My music of choice influenced my stress response and realised that calming music the best choice. I in cooperated music in my busy life played CDs in cars when driving to and from home to work; played music when in the shower and also turning on stereo instead of TV


Seaward, B. L. (2015). Managing stress: Principles and strategies for health and well-being (8th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Learning.

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