What Is Global Warming - Find the Answer in Our Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-12
What Is Global Warming - Find the Answer in Our Essay Sample
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Global warming refers to a climatic change characterized by the rise in the temperature of the earth's climate. it has some severe climatic effect globally with its main casualty being individuals who are affected by drought and famines as well as unprecedented floods. It is caused by the emission of heat-trapping gases such as carbon IV oxide. The gas has a greater risk that is irreversible. Additionally, global warming effects are felt in all part of the world. It leads to the rising of tides in oceans and seas affect the movement of goods and people. It leads to losses counting by industries which import or export their goods along the seas. Additionally, it affects movement of seas creature and growth of sea plants. It leads to changes in climatic rainfall pattern globally which become unpredictable, hence, affecting the economic activities of communities depending on rain for the economic activities. Notably, it changes snow pattern, increases in severe storms and drought, melting of glacial as well as changes in plant and animal behaviour.

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The effect of the global warming can be stopped through personal, government, and international initiatives aimed at curbing the effect. At a personal level, individuals should ensure that the item they use is environmentally friendly kitchen item as well as gadgets. the efforts can lead to lower level of carbon emissions. For example, they should avoid use tradition's Jiko's which have to emit more carbon. Further, they should be involved in the planting of more trees which assist in the cleaning of the environment.

Governments in their part should take part in making legislation that prevents uses of gases of fuel that emit excessive carbon to the atmosphere. it should discourage excessivepurchase of personal vehicle and instead encourage citizen to shift to buses. it should lay down initiatives that encourage citizens to plant more trees and uses of environmentally friendly fuels which has less effect on the environment. Further, it should encourage industries to fix a scrubber in their industries to ensures that the gas being emitted is filtered.

Finally, global entities such as UNEP organise environmental convention aimed at raising initiatives that encourage countries to avoid uses of the green house. they should create world environmental days where all governments should take part in observing. It should lay down standards and levels a country should be as well as a collective action on the most hit part of the world.

Conclusively, controlling global warming is significant as it makes the world a safe place for current and future generation. It ensures that the pattern of the world including rainfall and snow pattern is consistent. Individuals should be taken initiatives at their personal level and ensure that whatever they use is environmentally friendly. Governments should pass legislation that safeguards or environment while global organs should conduct convention which promotes the use of eco-friendly gadgets as well as undertaking activities which are environmentally friendly. Therefore, individuals, government, and international organisation should play a major role in ensuring that the environment is safe.

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