Essay Sample on Stress Assessment and Teaching Plan

Published: 2023-08-23
Essay Sample on Stress Assessment and Teaching Plan
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Stress is a factor that affects everyone daily. Due to that, it has to be managed effectively to reduce its chronic effects. The health promotion approach is significant because it addresses the prevention, management, and early intervention of stress management. Native Americans, for example, experience disproportionate exposure to stress because of their history, life events, daily hassles, and chronic stressors. The intellectualization of stressors, however, is unfledged among Native Americans. The group continues to undergo stress that affects their well-being. The purpose of this section is to design a health promotion assessment and teaching plan that involves possible stressors and ideas for stress reduction among Native Americans. Also, the section addresses social support that is appropriate for the Native American population.

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Possible Stressors

Health Inequalities

Native Americans might experience stress because of the lack of access to healthcare. Walls, Sittner, Aronson, Forsberg, Whitbeck, and Absi (2017) indicated that American Indians face health inequalities such as type 2 diabetes, which make them experience stress. From their study, the researchers found that many American Indians experience stress, which often results in mental and behavioral health issues. The complications and comorbidities due to health problems such as diabetes and the lack of access to quality healthcare services.


Colonial terrorism is a possible stressor for Native Americans. Elm, Walls, and Aronson (2019) indicated that the cumulative effects of colonial terrorism created loss and grief, fear, anger, and survivor guilt among Native Americans. According to the authors, historical trauma and oppression pose challenges to the health and wellbeing of Native Americans. Undoubtedly, the outcomes of colonization have continued to combine with direct modern stressors.


Poor economic variables are a possible stressor for the group. Elm et al. (2019) indicated that poverty is a result of colonization and genocide that occurred in Native Americans. As the authors explained further, poverty in Native Americans began with land grabbing, loss of traditional foods, and dependence on the federal government for sustainability. Also, the researchers added that components such as the lack of financial opportunities, basic needs, and employment affect Native Americans. Undeniably, the lack of financial stability among Native Americans causes multigenerational layers of stress, that affect their health and wellbeing.

Ideas for Stress Reduction

Stress-reduction ideas for Native Americans need to incorporate culturally sensitive actions that incorporate compassion to help improve the health outcomes for the groups. Walls et al. (2013) suggested that in-depth investigations of the social histories may help in identifying the group’s experiences over the years, which would help them to find possible measures for stress reduction. Agreeably, understanding the histories of Native Americans and employing culturally sensitive measures that involve empathy will help relieve stress among the group.

Social Support

Social support has a strong correlation to improved health outcomes in Native Americans. The type of social support that is appropriate for the group is emotional. It involves expressions of sympathy, love, and care. Conte, Schure, and Goins (2015) established that social support had significant associations with positive self-reported health status. The social support would help Native Americans alleviate their stress and improve their living conditions.


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