Strategic Communication in Organizational Change: Shifting from Old to New

Published: 2024-01-20
Strategic Communication in Organizational Change: Shifting from Old to New
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Giving a persuasive requires confidence and message delivery in a language that is easily understood. It involves delivering the argument in a consistent pattern with a good structure. It consists of the use of figures of speech to make the speech more interesting. Leaders learn the art of persuasiveness to communicate with employees effectively. The more persuasive the speech is, the more it can positively impact any audience. This paper provides a communication strategy for management during a shift from an old to a new company.

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Primary audiences

The shift from an old to a new company may affect a lot of people working in the company. Employees may be confused, and some may end up losing their jobs. A shift to new models means more skills that essential employees may lack. Customers are also affected and may take time to adjust to the latest products available by the company. Shifting may also involve a change in leadership. The employees should be prepared for whatever the shift may bring. The difference is an essential and necessary step for the business's success in today's business world.


The business environment around the world is changing business models is static, and in so saying, there is a need for the organization to change to adapt to these conditions. The shift aims to target a broader consumer base, which will widen the company's market base. The other objective is to be able to adapt to the changing business environment, as mentioned above. This will, in turn, increase the competitive advantage of the business. The speech should be aimed at creating understanding for employees on the reasons and need for change. The shifting process becomes more comfortable through employees' sensitization as it is received with minimal resistance from the employees. These objectives will enable the corporation to remain focused on the reasons for the change.


There are various reasons a company could shift from dealing with old products to entirely new ones. It is essential to understand that a business model forms the core of every business. This means that having a good business model will shift a company in an entirely new direction. As much as change can be a daunting process, it is essential to look positively. This shift will enable the company to explore new opportunities and increase its competitive advantage. As stated earlier, a profitable business model increases the competitive advantage of a business. The old model may prevent the company from effectively competing with other software producers in the market, lowering the competitive advantage of the business. by adding more value to software services, the company builds a business model on top of its other competitors. .it will enable the business to target new customers hence building a whole broad customer base.

Widening the target market would mean increased profit margins hence the continued growth of a business. The shift will also enable the company to offer more specified products, and software services to B2B companies. During the start-up period, the company automatically shifts to embrace new opportunities, new competitive threats, and customer needs. The company can then work on improving this product to create more customer satisfaction. The focus on innovation in the company is on new products and new market channels. More market channels for the business would mean new revenue opportunities for the company. This new model in the industry could also enable a change in the value proposition for its services. The more the value proposition, the higher the likelihood a customer would purchase such a product. A new business model will enable the corporation to strengthen the weaknesses of the old model. Despite the challenges that are likely to arise due to this change, the advantages will always outweigh the negatives.


The best way to communicate this message would be through the use of verbal communication. Face-to-face communication is the best way to deliver the message. The nature of the message to be delivered in itself is persuasive. Using verbal communication provides the tool for persuasion and complete control over the message's kind of message. Verbal communication also allows the assessment of feedback after the message has been delivered. With this, you can determine whether the audience took the notice positively or negatively. Using this type of communication allows for in-depth explanations and expounding on points. Electronic media is also a good option but will only be limited to those who have access to such electronics. Written communications can also be used because all people in the organization are learned; hence passing the message will not be limited by illiteracy. Giving the news could involve memos that can be passed on electronically or in writing.


The communicator of the message should be confident. The audience will most likely take positively to the message delivered by a confident speaker. Such a speaker should be able to develop a connection with the audience. The speaker should be a person who is passionate about the organization. The person highly recommended to deliver this speech would be a representative from the human resource department. The person deals with the interaction between people in an organization and is likely to understand the audience's needs. The human resource department deals with employees from the lowest to the highest ranking; hence, giving the speech will bring employees to a standard field.


The best time to deliver the message would when all employees are available. A good speech would be delivered within a specific time frame. The address should allow time for the employees to ask questions on topics they do not understand. I would highly recommend that 25% of the time planned for the speech should be left for questions. This enables employees to obtain clarification on topics they do not understand. Prior planning will allow for proper time allocation for the speech. The speaker should be able to adapt in case they run out of time. The right timing to deliver the speech is when employees are calm. Agitation may affect how the message is received.

Soliciting feedback

Several ways could be used to obtain feedback from the employees. This could include employee management surveys. The results of the study are anonymous so that employees don't feel uncomfortable giving information. Pulse surveys could also be used to obtain feedback from employees. This kind of survey is much faster and enables receiving immediate feedback. Interviews can also be conducted with willing employees because discussing their views openly with top management may be challenging. The employees who find it challenging to share feedback directly with employers can give their input through review sites, including the company website pages. Suggestion boxes could also be used and old fashioned as it may be a great way to determine the effect of the employees' message. Obtaining feedback from employees is essential because it provides a way forward to plan for the company's shift.

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