Free Essay with Statistics on Pressure Ulcers at St. Joseph Hospital

Published: 2021-02-11
Free Essay with Statistics on Pressure Ulcers at St. Joseph Hospital
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Pressure ulcers can also be called pressure bruises, bedsores and decubitus ulcers, which are areas of restricted damage to the skin and underlying tissue. This damage is, for the most part, a result of external forces. Pressure ulcers development happens in institutional and community settings, and is regularly found in elderly, weakened and stable (e.g., orthopedic) customers, those with serious, intense disease (e.g. those in concentrated care units) and in individuals with neurological shortages (e.g., spinal rope wounds)

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The high predominance of pressure ulcers is a huge concern at St. Joseph Hospital. A late study that surveyed more than 18,000 patients from 55 health care establishments including St. Joseph hospital, and evaluated the predominance of hospital pressure ulcers established the following percentages: Acute Care Hospitals- 35.1%; Non-Acute Facilities (Long-term care, Nursing Homes, and so forth)- 19.9%; Mixed Health Care Facilities (intense and non-intense)- 32.1%; and Community Care 25.1%. This information proposes that pressure ulcers is a noteworthy worry in all health care settings in Canada.

In St. Joseph hospital, assessments have demonstrated that up to 20% of those admitted to the hospital are due to pressure ulcer; the elderly being at the most astounding risk with roughly 80% of all pressure ulcers happening in seniors. In those individuals who develop pressure ulcers, around 70% happen in the intense care setting generally within the first two weeks of hospitalization. With the increased keenness of those admitted to St. Joseph hospital, it is assessed that 5% of elderly succumb to the illness. In the long haul care setting, pressure ulcers are well on the way to develop within the initial four weeks of confirmation. Lack of healthy sustenance is a critical problem for the elderly and is a risk element for the development of pressure ulcers. Rates of unhealthiness in the organized elderly are evaluated to affect 23-85% of the populace while the rate of those being admitted to St. Joseph is assessed to run from 20%. Pressure ulcer risk increases by 74% with the mix of stationary nature, anxiety to the invulnerable framework and loss of incline body mass (Krichmar, 2007).

The customer's risk for pressure ulcer development is controlled by the blend of clinical judgment and the utilization of a dependable risk appraisal apparatus. The utilization of an apparatus that has been tried for legitimacy and dependability, for example, is suggested. Mediations ought to be founded on recognized natural and extraneous danger variables and those distinguished by a danger appraisal instrument, for example, Braden's classifications of tactile observation, portability, action, dampness, nourishment, grinding and shear. Hazard evaluation instruments are valuable as a guide to structure appraisal (Thomas, 2003).

Mortality is connected with pressure ulcers a few studies have reported death rates as high as 70% for older parents with a pressure ulcer within one year of release from doctor's facility. The pressure ulcer is not, for the most part, the cause for death, yet rather it develops after a decrease in the health status of the most seasoned individual. The pressure of weight ulcers and their treatment impacts on personal satisfaction for the customer and family additionally makes critical financial strain for those living with a pressure ulcer, their families, and the healthcare system. St. Joseph Hospital has been admitting several cases of pressure ulcers and as a result, much attention has been given to the victims suffering from the condition due to its steady rise.


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