Paper Example: Start-Up Business Holu Fruits and Groceries

Published: 2023-10-11
Paper Example: Start-Up Business Holu Fruits and Groceries
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Demographic: Lucas is a middle-aged young African-American male who owns and runs his start-up business HoLu Fruits and Groceries. He is married with two kids, Melisa and Ibra, to Yvonne Brown, a dentist at a local hospital in Los Angeles. Lucas and his family live in a middle-class neighborhood in Los Angeles. Lucas's household earns an annual income of $140, 000 annually.

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Presenting Problem

Lucas owns and runs a start-up business that indulges in groceries and fruits. His business, HoLu Fruits and Grocery focuses on providing fresh vegetables, groceries, and fruits to consumers in Los Angeles. The start-up has been faring well but a major issue is that it has not yet reached the set sales objectives per day. As a result, Lucas has been incurring losses as vegetables and fruits go bad due to the minimal demand which incurs his firm a large cost. According to a recent survey he conducted, he noticed that only a small amount of people know about his firm, particularly people who live near the stores. The firm has two stores and both have failed to reach the sales target. Lucas's major issues are how to raise his brand's awareness and market his company to ensure that its sales objectives and targets are attained.


There are various objectives Lucas has set to ensure his organization is successful. The marketing objectives the firm include:

Raising brand awareness

Lucas aims to ensure that his organization is popular among people in LA. He hopes that the use of marketing agencies and marketing practices will enable people to recognize his organization. The organization aims at increasing its social media following and increasing its website traffic.

Earning the Trust of Customers

Lucas considers earning trust of his customers to be a vital or essential marketing strategy. He aims to establishing trust with customers to not only retain his customers but also earn brand ambassadors. Additionally, the fir aims at having loyal customers across Los Angeles.

Encourage consumers to try the product

Lucas lo is at encouraging potential customers to his product. He considers this as an effective strategy of creating brand awareness of his products.


There are various needs that Lucas have to ensure that his organization attains its objectives. The needs include:


Funds are needed to finance marketing campaigning and activities.

Marketing Team

The marketing team is also required to foresee marketing activities. This will involve recruiting marketing personnel, from salespersons to marketing managers

Marketing channels

The firm also requires having marketing channels that may include: print and electronic media, bill boards and digital+ marking platforms.


Crisis Lucas firms is experiencing a great crisis that could lead to shutting down. To start with, the products the firm specializes in are perishable hence tend to go bad once they stay longer than 48 hours in the stores. As a result, the firm is incurring losses from the low sales of these products since they cannot be sold once they go bad. Additionally, the firm tend to pay its suppliers upfront or right after delivery, hence, the firm is incurring losses purchasing supplies that are not being purchased.


As a marketing manager, it is vivid that Lucas’s organization is having marketing issues which could negatively impact the organization. However, being a start-up, there are various intervention measures that the firm would undertake to enhance successful marketing to ensure that it increases its sales and revenue.

To start with, the firm has to establish a marketing plan for is start up business. A marketing plan will aid in promoting services and products provided by the business that meets the needs of the targeted market. . By targeting idea customers, an organization minimizes its marketing costs and increases its chances of converting leads into sales. Therefore, a marketing plan makes it easier for a business to attain sales. While preparing the market plan there are various steps that Lucas will have o consider.

Define the organization’s end objective

Lucas will have to define the business and marketing goats. There are various factors that Lucas could consider while defining his objectives. They include: If his organization relates with the target prospect on digital and social media platforms, how he plans of increasing the number of followers on his organization’ profile. He will also have to consider the most appropriate advertising and marketing channels he can use to reach potential customers cross Los Angeles. Lucas will have to consider the goals e has to accomplish in the short term and the long term which will enable him utilize of select marketing strategies that will help him achieve this goals.

Maintain a consistent message and brand

It is of great significance to maintain a consistent brand and message for start-up organizations. Consistency in the brand and message by the firm enables potential clients earn trust in the firm hence increasing the retaining rate as well as luring potential consumers to purchase the firms products. Consistency increases credibility and confidence In consumers hence increasing their loyalty and commitment to the firm. As a result, the firm will have an increase in sales and revue as the customer base increases. Illustratively, Lucas firm can maintain consistency by promoting its brad s as a firm which offers fresh and quality products at an affordable price to its customers. Once consumers fee that the firm maintains consistency in its product quality, they will always think of the firm anytime they want to purchase fresh groceries and fruits.

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