Free Essay with a Speech on Creative Ways of Becoming Successful Event Manager

Published: 2019-09-10
Free Essay with a Speech on Creative Ways of Becoming Successful Event Manager
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Creative Ways of Becoming Successful Event Manager

Good evening everyone. Today I am excited to share with you creative ways of becoming more successful as an event manager. I know that every event manager in attendance today desires to have their planned events successful. Or who does not want success?

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Unsuccessful events are often caused by lack of enough preparation. Majority of event managers in many occasions fail to identify the goals of the event. This makes it hard in identifying the target market. Lack of specific target market often leads to problems in preparing the guest list. When one fails to identify the objective and the target market, events ends up with failures. I will take you through steps that you should always follow to have your planned events come out successfully.

First, you should know the secret to planning a successful event is setting a meaningful objective and using it in decision making. At the back of your mind you should know that an event is a very big investment of money, time and energy so you should not take chances. So before you proceed with the running the event, ensure that it will achieve you desired goals. You can do this through identifying the topic of the event. The topic should be in line with the primary purpose and mission of the event. Once you have identified, do a background research on the topic to enable you to have a clear understanding. This will you in good planning and good resource allocation.

Second, you need to promote your event. I think you all know that no event can be successful without advertising. In this era of 21st century, we are lucky because technology has provided platforms for advertising and marketing. What I would advise you is to promote your events via sites such as Youtube, Facebook Twitter Instagram and LinkedIn. You can also advertise through blog or websites. We all know that the people who we invite do not all show up for the event. So advertising using these platforms will ensure good attendance.

The IAU international conference that was held in 2015 which ended with great success is an example of a planned event with success where a uniform agreement on the importance of higher education for all was reached. One of the famous events that ended up a failure was the review conference of nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty its future and regime which was took place in July/August 2015. No definite agreement was reached during the conference. Lack of creative ways to make the conference a success might have contributed to its failure.

Finally, I would like to tell you the importance of working hand in hand with the stakeholders. As an event manager, work closely with the company you are planning the event for and with the people who will be attending the event. You can do this through identifying the target market and getting their opinions on the event. This is important in ensuring that at every planning stage, all the planned procedures are in line with the expectations and needs of the stakeholders. Also remember to collect feedback from the attendees after the event for evaluation and future events.

I can confirm without any doubt that if you follow all the creative ways on becoming more successful, you will be successful event managers and all the events you will plan will succeed.

Thank you everyone for listening to me.

Additional Creative Ways of Becoming Successful Event Manager

As an event manager, one should consider choosing an appropriate venue and time for the event since it has a big impact on the attendance. One should consider the guests perspective when choosing a venue. The location chosen should be safe, should have enough parking, should be accessible and with enough lighting. No guest will come to a location which is not popular. Event managers should ensure that he venue is held in popular places to encourage attendance. The place should also have accessible public transport. Since the event manager knows the objective of the event, he or she should choose a venue that is aligned with the target market and the primary purpose of the event. For example if the target market are high class individuals, the venue should reflect the group. When picking an appropriate date, several potential dates should be in place for the event for alternatives since the first choice might not be available. The date should not coincide with national holidays or any major event such as sports or a conference from a competitor. Also a strategy to address the hurdles of some people failing to overcome and attend the event should be dealt with through brainstorming to ensure that the desired number of people attend the event.

The event manager should plan on the amount that stakeholders will be able to afford to spend on the event. Lack of proper budget planning can lead to waste of resources. As an event manager, one should evaluate the amount to be spend and measure if it will allow achievement of the objectives. Once the theme or the topic of the event has been identified, rough estimates should be put in place for venue booking, catering costs, furniture rentals, guest speakers and security if any. In case the event manager has an aim of generating revenues though tickets, rough estimates of figures should be included in the budget to offset the costs. Miscellaneous costs should also be included in the budget to cater for emergencies and unplanned expenses.

Becoming a successful event manager, creativity is key. The event manager should consider stationing people at doors to pass out drinks and to take coats. This will ensure that the guests feel welcome and more comfortable. Gifts, handouts or any other marketing or promotional material should not be issued to the guests as they arrive. A table should be set aside near the exit with this materials or should be issued out later in the event. Effective presentation visuals should be created in case the guests are to attend a training session. Enough chairs and refreshments should be provided. This will ensure informative and interesting sessions for the guests.

A feedback mechanism should be arranged after the event. A questionnaire, letter, survey, email or comment card can be send out to the guests for their feedback. Guests should be invited to share their experience; their dislikes and likes about the event. As an event manager their feedback will help you in measuring your success and will call for improvement in the future events. The event manager should be creative enough to incorporate an element of spark interest in the event for example partnering with other businesses to create a unique experience for the targeted market. A virtual platform which includes different people from diversified cultures and different locations can be used to engage attendees in video chats.

Majority of event managers while planning and organizing events, they easily forget the objective of the event. This is because things changes during the process and due to excitement, many are swept up hence losing the sight of the primary goal. Event managers should consider using benefits management to ensure that their planned events meets their desired goals and provides the expected benefits. If the event manager is planning on inviting a guest speaker, facilitator or entertainment for the event, first of all he/she should identify the individuals. The individuals to be invites should be appealing to the audience. The individuals to be invited should also have special talents or technical requirements in their respective fields. The event manager should also consider if the individuals will require accommodation or transport arrangements. All these should be put in place to avoid arise of problems during the event. Catering arrangement should be put in place in time. The type of food to be served should be identified in time. If the guests will be served lunch, snacks, dinner, buffet or sit down. The event manager should also make arrangements on the type of beverages to be served. Preparation of how the food will be served should be done early; if it will be served in a punch bowl a can or in other ways. If alcohol is intended to be served, arrangements of designated drivers should be made available to facilitate transport guests who may be not able to drive.

To be a successful event manager, time management is important. Arriving at the venue early to ensure that everything is in order, dealing with any arising problems is important in ensuring the success of the event. Event managers should be able to coordinate themselves and scheduling the team helping with the event. Lack of proper time management will lead to unsuccessful event. An event manager should be creative in the way they use the available resources. A manager should be very resourceful and use the available resources maximally and having the ability to pool together the needed individuals. Effective communication with the event planning team is crucial as an event manager. Sharing of ideas and vision openly with the planning team is important since it boosts communication level to respectful heights. No member should be talked down irrespective of the role they play in the team. Event manager should always be open for criticism and new ideas from the team.

Passion is another creative way to become a successful event manager. Lack of passion will not enable one to overcome the hurdles and triumph when everything is going amiss. Having a definite purpose and burning desire will go a long way in assisting event managers to become successful. Ability to resolve problems and arising issues quickly enables one to carry out their vision. Since the entire planning team looks up to the event manager, the least they expect is a shaky leader who rash decisions, they need a firm leader who can stay calm at a zero hour. When the event is over, event manager should take time in reflecting back. This is done through consideration of the whole planning process and using the feedback provided by the guests to improve future events. Event managers should ensure that any event planned should be meaningful and it should celebrate the company in a positive way. Any event manager can be successful if they want to. Through promotion of events, collaborating with stakeholders, preparing effective budget, making use of available resources and following all the above mentioned creative ways, any event will be successful.

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