Speech Evaluation Essay Sample

Published: 2019-09-10
Speech Evaluation Essay Sample
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The toastmasters' speeches took place in New York on Friday, 29 April 2016. The speeches were scheduled from 2-4 p.m. Each speaker was allowed a maximum of 30 minutes on stage. The names of the speakers who caught my attention and whom I will be evaluating were:

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Robin Kay

Ethel Lisa


Speech delivery is an art by itself. Have you ever listened to a speech and all that while you got yourself thinking of random stuff? Like why the sky is blue or how fast is the fastest car. You know, just about anything in the name of keeping your mind occupied. The kind of speeches you just cannot wait to end. Then there are those speeches you listen and you do not want the speaker to finish up. You feel like he/she is communicating and connecting to you at a higher level regardless of whether you know him or not. Therefore, what constitutes the difference and how can one get to reach that next level of speech delivery. While evaluating a speech there are a number of key details one has to pay attention to; some of which may not be so obvious. The first thing in the list however, is preparedness. Just like an exam, one has to prepare enough for a speech. This is so that one can be fully acquainted with the topic of interest and stay relevant while at it. A speaker ought to have in mind that the audience is giving him/her their time and consideration and for that reason, no one would wish their time to be wasted. Moreover, rehearsing boosts the confidence level of a speaker and they end up leaving a good impression all the same. This paper aims to evaluate two speeches by different speakers and ascertaining their credibility.

Speaker 1: Robin Kay

The first speaker gave a speech concerning internet and the way it has revolutionized the modern man. The speaker was a young man probably in his late teenage years or early twenties. He presented himself as a bold and confident speaker and from his first word Morning, you could tell you are in for an awesome piece. His body language was in agreement with his confidence and he commanded attention by his presence alone. He was satirical humorous from the start especially where said he hopes to be interesting unlike his last speeches where half of his audience slept. Of course, I did not believe it. I mean, who would sleep on such a speech from a person who was literally radiating energy all over. His eloquence was unquestionable, almost too high class for the nonprofessionals English. A dictionary would come in handy for them but at least he was not overdoing it in the line of showing off. He demonstrated a good understanding of the topic too well and this was evident in the way he was welcoming questions without fretting. He was conversational and engaged the audience well. He would spontaneously ask related questions or pass an intellectual joke, which only the elite few understood. When it came to giving real life examples, he was so articulate and to the point that you would relate even though you never experienced it.

Speaker 2: Ethel Lisa

The second speaker was a woman in her late twenties giving a speech on love and drugs. From the way she presented herself, you could tell she was firm but cautious. She was a little insecure though and the topic seemed to draw some sort of sensitivity from her. She spoke with passion and very emotional especially when it came to love. This was her strongest attribute and she knew how to use it well in order to win peoples heart and attention. Her starting was not that strong but she did a good job catching up as she proceeded. She did not come off too strong on these sensitive issues, as she would invoke negative reaction from her audience. This shows she really did understand her audience. She did not exactly tell them what they wanted to hear but rather what they needed to hear. Although, she did this very smoothly and in a manner that was so calming and convincing. Her eloquence could not be compared to the first speaker and she would occasionally mispronounce a word or two. However, she was patient with herself. It is easy to get frustrated on such instances but she kept her calm. She did not engage the audience so much; for example, she rarely asked questions nor welcomed suggestions from them. She was truly invested in what she was talking about and she owned the topic. Speech humor was on the down low, but this can be attributed to the seriousness of the topic she chose.


From their speeches, I could borrow a leaf or two. In my speeches, I happen to be so easily swayed by literally anything while at it on stage. Confidence is a key attribute I learnt from them. Without confidence, the audience may never get the message you intend to pass across no matter how full of content your speech may be.

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