Essay Example: Review of the Article Songbird or Subversive

Published: 2019-06-03
Essay Example: Review of the Article Songbird or Subversive
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Review of the article Songbird or Subversive? Instrumental vocalization technique in the songs of Billie Holiday by Daubney Kate. A Journal of Gender Studies 11 (March 2002)

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Women form different perception towards nature that enables an imperative aspect to solve problems that they may encounter during the day-to-day activities in a specific social set up. As a matter of fact, the majority of women redeem their strengths through moving to the beats of a drum. Music allows expression of thoughts, feelings, and passion towards everything in the environment. Most importantly, music helps in the identification of gifts from the creator God. Kate on her piece argues that through the social dynamic of the period, women became integrated into jazz music performing practices as holidays became highly distinctive factor in an environment.

Kate, with her capability as a woman performing jazz music, implemented her argument towards women and music at length. She is well known for her dynamic changing voices that attracts most of the people to the music. The lyrics and tempo in her song allowed peace and love to be viewed more closely. As women could be considered being rather a childbearing and rearing human, she is able not only to entertain the holidays, but also to pass important information crucial for safe living. Through working in original grounds, Kate believed that copying someone would mean working without a feeling yet feeling should be the ultimate control feature among the human. According to Kate, one can attain an understanding on the importance of jazz instrumental practices to the holidays life. Kate deployed the use of short choruses to represent jazz instrumentals that make the holiday worth celebrated.

The article has several strengths that make it a masterpiece. Kate makes her work worth by providing a framework to the historical overview and the progressive changes that occur to the recent jazz performance. In addition, the fact that the article talks from the real life story makes it not only entertaining, but also a scope to a change in behavior. As such, the article makes the readers to configure the writer triumphantly. In as much as women could be viewed differently in the social lives, the article displays the social dynamic of the period in which the women indulged into jazz performance. Most importantly, the potential of the writer to employ dominant male voice during her performance is a justification of the progress of the equality between men and women. Generally, the article deploys various literal potential that makes the article more readable, understanding, and interesting in its flow. This aspect eliminates boredom and facilitates a yearning to more reading.

Conversely, the article can encounter some weaknesses that may make it ineffective. The fact that the article experience reframing effect, associates it with several instances of weaknesses. With no doubt, the article progressively explains the recent by building on the past experience making it reframing. The effect of reframing is that as much as they raise interesting points in the article, they move us further away from the holiday which is the most important aspect in question. This strategy demonizes and intensifies most of the scenarios deployed in the article. It introduces the holiday in rather a mythical way, eliminating it as a shifting personae rather than static figure. The article therefore seems ironic and cautionary tale that is difficult to understand in a laymans perspective.

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