Paper Example: Solving Group Problems

Published: 2023-10-11
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In solving group problems, it is essential to establish each member's strengths and weaknesses before coming up with a solution (Laughlin, 2011). My group has tried to build an organized group structure that allows effective communication to occur. Each group member has the freedom to communicate to pass their feelings to the rest of the group members.

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The group encourages free interaction among all the members. The members of the group understand the feelings, perceptions, and thoughts of the other members for the communication among the members to be effective. The group also majors in face-to-face communication as they feel it is the most effective way of passing information. One-on-one conversation has made it easy for the group members to convince and persuade each other. Strengths and Weaknesses of the Group

The main strength of our group is that we can work through various issues and emerge successfully. The fact that we have a transparent communication system makes achieving group roles to be easy. Our group members also have developed a strong emotional bond with each other. The strong ties between the members make communication among us to be straightforward.

Another thing that our group enjoys is the power of each group member. Each group member enjoys the freedom to communicate ideas to each other since no one feels superior to them. Each member of the group feels essential and in the right place. The group is also small in size, which makes it easy to manage and conduct assignments.

The group's main weakness is that most of the members suffer from illness or have some ailing family members. Other group members have psychological issues and need special attention. At times, other members are supposed to attend specialists regularly and are mostly absent from the group.

Group strategies

One of the measures that the group has taken to ensure that the group's actions are successful is to measure the members' fitness. The group makes sure that the group members can overcome sickness, motivate themselves, and learn how to solve problems. In the group, we help each member to focus on the positive elements of life. Each member has to focus on at least their best fictional character or anything that they can remember happened, that they liked. At times the members are also supposed to think of something good that they expect.

Another way that the group uses to help members solve their psychological problems is by allowing them to give feedback on the effect of the group input. At times the group members are required to set realistic goals that they wish to achieve in the short-run and long-run. Sometimes we need members to imagine that they can solve their problems and cope with the situations.

The group also requires the members to each other to identify the available solutions by using the members who are present in the group. Another way that the group can use to come up with solutions is by helping each member to focus on how to solve their problems.

When we implemented a positive attitude to solve problems, the group members' effect was unbelievable. We required the members to be optimistic and assume that everything is okay. The members thought of at least something that made them happy. Within a day, most of the people who seemed to be depressed looked delighted. The thought of something positive drove me away from the depression, and the problem was solved. We continually initiated this method, and the effect did not take long. It was easy to control the minds of the members by making them think positively.


Laughlin, P. R. (2011). Memory and Group Problem Solving. Group Problem Solving.

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