Free Essay Sample on the Software Development Methodology

Published: 2019-11-18
Free Essay Sample on the Software Development Methodology
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A software development methodology refers to the process of splitting the work of software development into various stages that contain the organizational activities to improve the planning and management of such a company. The methodology is important because it provides the cycle at which particular software is developed in the organization. The organization should utilize the methodology that contains the pre-definition of particular deliverables and the software's artifacts. The artifacts should then be completed by a team of project developers and managers.

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In the marketing department, the most important software development methodology which can be adopted is the software prototyping methodology. The software prototype development methodology is significant because it allows the marketers to evaluate the market through the development of the pre-marketing process known as a prototype to demonstrate the functionality of the methodology to the customers and make necessary improvements before the actual process is undertaken.

Through the software prototype methodology, the customers get a clear understanding and of the software before they consume it. The software is important in the marketing department because it eliminates the risks associated with the software development methods. The potential risk that might be associated with the implementation of the process is address before the actual implementation of the software (Activision, 2009). The demonstration of the products by the company is significant because it enables the customers to feel about the products and when the actual marketing is conducted, the customers will have already understood the products and how they can be used. Furthermore, the prototype methodology is significant because it enables the communication between the marketing team and the customers to be undertaken through a conducive and good environment when the project is being implemented. What is more, when there is a lack of required documents during the implementation process, the process of the prototype will be used since it provides a clear process for implementing the methodology.

The company should adopt the traditional approach of implementation during its software development. The traditional approach is significant because it provides a clear stage used for the project implementation and management process. The design is crucial because it gives a step by step designing, development and delivery of the serve or product to the customers. The team through this methodology can achieve the succession during the process. Furthermore, the implementation methodology is significant since it provides milestones that might interfere the process of marketing the company products and services (Activision, 2009). The process is also crucial because it proves the users with the stages involved which are an initiation, the planning and design and the construction and coding stage. Furthermore, the process also involves the control and integration stage, the validation stage which is also known as the testing and debugging stage. Finally, the process will involve the installation and maintenance stage.

The traditional implementation methodology is significant because it has easy stages of software implementation process. The small organizational marketing users can thus easily use the process, unlike other implementation methodologies (Activision, 2009). An example of an organization that has adopted the traditional implementation method is the Coca-Cola Company. Since the company deals with marketing of soft drinks, it has to prototype its marketing process to ensure that the new customers are acquainted with the products of the company products and thus purchase them. The methodology is also significant because it has enabled the Coca-Cola Company to market its productive competitively.


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