Free Essay on the Experiment that Show Brushing with Best Toothpaste Result in Fewer Cavities

Published: 2019-06-19
Free Essay on the Experiment that Show Brushing with Best Toothpaste Result in Fewer Cavities
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The experiment is a method that the researchers use to discover the cause and effect of a product in the body. In this experiment that will show how best toothpaste affects cavity, I will set up a minimum of two groups. The first group will be called the control group, and this group does not get the experimental treatment, that is, some procedure or the substance. The second group will be called experimental group and will be given the experimental treatment. In these two groups, everything should be similar to ensure the experiment give correct results (Benjamin, 2008). At least two treatments will be tested whereby additional experimental and control groups will be added, and this is done at the de same time.

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Question: How is brushing with the best toothpaste result in fewer cavities?

I will answer this question experimentally. I will set up two groups. The first group that is experimental group will brush with toothpaste several days probably three times in three days. The second group that controls group will clean three times in three days too but with water that is not the best toothpaste. For this experiment to be good, I will ensure both groups are similar with reverence to their teeth. I will disqualify those with distorted teeth or no teeth from participation, and this ensure the result is in decent quality and without misleading details (Maldupa et al., 2012). I will implement random assignment of participants to each group and through this I will take advantage of numerical holdings related to sampling. Large enough samples will be needed in this experiment to ensure correct approximation is made in each group.


In determining whether the toothpaste works or not, I will measure some variables that will be affected by the toothpaste. In this area, I would determine the number of cavities that exist in every group. Furthermore, I will make another step where I will send these units to the dentist who will check their teeth and also fill their existing cavities.


In this experiment, toothpaste represents the independent variable or IV. On the other hand, the number of holes will be the dependent variable or DV. Independent variable that is toothpaste influence the number of cavities (dependent variables) in the tooth. Fewer holes are seen in the group that experimented using the best toothpaste.

Hypotheses made

The hypotheses raised in this analysis is that brushing with toothpaste will automatically result in fewer cavities. The experimental group received the independent variable, toothpaste and brushed teeth three times a day. The control group used water only to brush teeth three times a day. In a period of five months, some cavities would be calculated. Since the toothpaste function as a cavity protection, the experimental group should have fewer holes (Benjamin, 2008).


From the outlined experiment about brushing with the best toothpaste that result in fewer cavities, I can say that toothpaste is proven to be a good tenderizer when it is used for brushing teeth. This is also affirmed by the researcher in the field if dental problems. Everyone should ensure proper toothpaste is used while brushing to control the number of cavities.


Benjamin, L. T. (2008). Favorite activities for the teaching of psychology. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Maldupa, I., Brinkmane, A., Rendeniece, I., & Mihailova, A. (2012). Evidence based toothpaste classification, according to certain characteristics of their chemical composition. Stomatologija, 14(1), 12-22.

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