Essay Sample on Social Media Privacy Policy

Published: 2023-11-30
Essay Sample on Social Media Privacy Policy
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The business that I chose to study on the privacy policy is twitter since it has a well-defined privacy policy. To find the privacy policy, I navigated to the internet address HYPERLINK "" which outlines all the twitter's privacy policy details. The company collects a broad range of information from the users using various means. As the users sign up with twitter, they provide personal data like names, emails, age, and language. Twitter also collects information about the contacts of the users.

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Most of the information that twitter keeps about the users come from them either directly or indirectly. Twitter keeps such information and uses it to improve its services to users. Twitter absorbs all the information that data that people share through posting to the public, the re-tweets that users make, likes adverts that they mostly view (Privacy Policy). The company also keeps information on the users' location by collecting data on their IP address. The company also keeps track of links that people send through in the network.

Twitter uses information that they collect from the users to make the tweeting experience better and increase users' safety. For instance, twitter checks and scans the links that people send while tweeting and re-tweeting (Privacy Policy). If the company detects any malicious link sent, they either block the post or deactivate the account. Information collected also helps the company know the users' characteristics, including their preferences (Privacy Policy). This knowledge allows the company to make advertising target selection, for they can understand what each user likes by tracking the tweets they follow.

Knowledge of what users post like and re-tweet helps the company show them mostly posts that interest them. Tweeting and reading tracking also make users enjoy posts, events, and advertisements because they display what users would like to see (Privacy Policy). Twitter shows some of the information that users provide to the public, like the user name and screen name. The other user data remains private, and only the company can access it (Privacy Policy). The information that twitter collects online also helps the company know the laws that govern the users' different countries.

One of the controls that twitter puts in place to ensure that users are safe online is allowing members to set up their account security using passwords. Users are also allowed to set their accounts to control the data types that the company can tap from their accounts. Besides, users can control access to their twitter contact with the company (Privacy Policy). Users can also control the adverts' types that their twitter accounts can display by adjusting their account settings. The company also allows its users to change their posts and correct any mistake they might have while tweeting.

Twitter controls the content that users post to the public and ensures that it is transparent to avoid making users vulnerable to insecure posts that others post (Privacy Policy). Any questionable content that a user tweets can result in the closing down of an account by the management (Privacy Policy). Every user is responsible for the posts that they post and any post that they publish on Twitter, especially if the posted data is sensitive to the public.

By allowing users to ask questions and give suggestions, twitter can collect more data by tapping such questions to know what users would enjoy. Twitter responds to most of the questions that users ask and consider the suggestions to make the users' experience in the media good. Twitter keeps direct messages and restricted tweets private to users by using passwords to log in to the user accounts (Privacy Policy). Twitter assures the safety of users by keeping the payment details that members use to pay for adverts.

Twitter is an example of a company that uses data privacy policy to keep information from users safe and secure from external access. The company collects a wide range of information from the users and uses it to improve the security and make the consumer experience the best. The company puts many clear, effective control measures to increase the protection of user information (Privacy Policy). The company's data privacy policy has dramatically made it to improve the user experience.


Twitter. Privacy Policy. HYPERLINK ""

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