Description of Stock Character Types in One Tree Hill. Essay Sample on Teen Movies.

Published: 2019-08-28
Description of Stock Character Types in One Tree Hill. Essay Sample on Teen Movies.
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"High-School Confidential: Notes on Teen Movies" by Denby has tried to bring up an argument to stereotype the characters in most teen movies. From his analysis, there is always the outsider, the jock, and the social queen. He thinks that the characters personalities are a little bit exaggerated, and they often do not depict the actual reality in the world today. From Denbys writings, the films are simply written because they are easy to write. The stock characters are always used by the writers to try and get the audiences to relate to these characters. The writers according to Denby only use the characters that the audience already knows about. In these teen movies, the jocks will always lose, and the nerds will take the win. This is contrary to what happens in real life (Denby). The use stock writers in a way give room for predictability which in turn makes the movie boring. Using the thesis used by Denby in his work, this essay will explore the teen movie One Tree Hill and try to find out the conventions used as well as the differences using Denbys writings as a comparison.

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Television has had a huge impact on society and socialization. It is on television that people can internalize certain beliefs, values, and norms. However, in todays a society media house often tells stories because they want to get something in return by selling their products. However, through the storytelling, some ideological values are passed to the society without considering the motives behind the script writing. In a way, Denby is right in his conventions about stocks characters and the notion that writer writes their scripts on stories they do not relate to. This is different in the television series One Tree Hill. In this series, the author takes the audience through the lives of two brothers, Nathan Scott, and Lucas Scott. The storyline shows the lives of two brothers in their high school years that is their interests and their relationships with the opposite sex. Unlike in Denbys conventions, this television series shows exactly what happens to students during their years in high school, and as they mature from adolescents to being adults.

Concerning stock expectations in One Tree Hill, the television series has been able to follow some conventions. The series has a bias on class, strong and interesting sets on gender and sexuality. The series mostly features some white teenagers who are exploring their sexuality by recognizing the economic and social differences among their friends. This series has followed these conventions and has also internalized some themes that appeal to most teenagers in high school. These are issues that most adolescents consider vital and therefore, they would engage in all manner of things to address them.

The major topics that One Tree Hill has addressed have to do with romantic relationships as seen between Lukas and Payton Sawyer, personal identities, definitions of gender roles and issues to do with body image. Each of the major characters in this series has a personal identity. Lukas Scott is considered the nerd; Peyton is a defiant cheerleader, who allows her emotions to show through music and art, Nathan Scott is the handsome skilled basket player who is arrogant and cocky, Haley Scott is among the nicest of the women, but also very tough on people who mess up with her and Brooke Davis is the brunette who is the most beautiful in the school and the most desirable by boys.

Though it is true that most of the television movies and series are driven by the desire for higher ratings and revenues, the story line for One Tree Hill is different. It is true that the directors hopes were to get some revenue from the series, but also they were out there to show the world what teenagers in high school go through. Societal concerns such as race, gender, class and sexuality are thoroughly identified, examined and interpreted.

Although the audience may view teen movies as just entertainment, the multifaceted representations from these movies help in shaping the society. Most of these movies target the young people, and therefore it is not a surprise that directors will write scripts that will influence the lives of the teens. Some teenagers rely on such movies and television series for style and culture instructions, as well as trying to establish their identities. In this case, there are those who would want to be like Lukas, Nathan, Haley, Payton or Brooke. This is because they tend to identify with the casts personalities. Teen movies are also able to shape society politically, socially, and economically through the repeated messages presented on culture, race, gender, sexuality and class among others. It is therefore very important for the directors of these movies to ideas and conventions that will be put forth to the teen audiences. The directors should allow themselves to be guided by noble confessions when writing scripts, other than by money because these movies have a huge effect on teens.

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