Essay Example: Social Justice And Catholic Church

Published: 2023-03-15
Essay Example: Social Justice And Catholic Church
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The general overview of the concept of social justice entails a different perspective of thinking. The term appears in both religious and secular contexts. The secular social justice warriors believe that social justice should include transgenderism, and same-sex marriages, and portray their opposers as evil persons. The concept of social justice, however, entails a personal virtue rather than a condition of communal relationships.

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The catholic representation of social fairness constitutes the pre-eminent virtues of free societies(Marlin). Social workers employ the concept of virtue drive in a quest to improve the common good of the city, local neighborhood, whole nation, and the world. The church's understanding of social justice bases its arguments on seven themes and four principles. The church's teaching of social justice constitutes a treasure of insight regarding the construction of a fair culture and leading a holy life amidst setbacks in civilized culture(Marlin). In the discussion, I will highlight the seven themes of the teaching of social justice and the four principles guiding the concept of social justice.

Themes on social justice teaching in the catholic church

Human life and dignity

According to Catholic education, the human being needs respect as consecrated, and the self-respect of humanity forms the basis of an ethical image for a community("Seven Themes Of Catholic Social Teaching"). The theme creates the base of the values of communal instruction. The theme calls the society to protect and respect human dignity through the condemnation of acts such as euthanasia, abortion, the death penalty, and cloning researches. The catholic church also emphasizes the concept of peaceful resolution of conflicts instead of resorting to war, which undermines human life and dignity.

Compassionate for God's creation

Our stewardship of God's making proves our respect to the creator. The care of the earth represents a requirement of faith. Every Christian possesses a calling to take care of the planet and its dwellers and livelihood of our trust in relationship to God's conception("Seven Themes Of Catholic Social Teaching"). The environmental obligation constitutes a vital moral and ethical dimension of the catholic believer's life.

Call to community, family, and participation

A human being represents a social and sacred being in society. The political, economic, and social organization of the family directly affects human dignity("Seven Themes Of Catholic Social Teaching"). The catholic doctrines believe that matrimony and family unit constitute the innermost communal institution that needs respect and strengthening. The people need t to participate in society and seek a common good for all people.

Rights and Responsibilities

The fortification of individual self-respect and the achievement of a healthy community depends on meeting human rights need. Every person has a fundamental right to human life and the freedom to what human beings deem decency in life("Seven Themes Of Catholic Social Teaching"). The corresponding to these rights constitutes of families society and individuals.

Options for the poor and the vulnerable in the society

The moral test of the catholic believers entails what contribution the Christians give to the vulnerable in society("Seven Themes Of Catholic Social Teaching"). The catholic doctrines advocate against a rift between the rich and the poor. According to the teachings, the church requires that the desires of the underprivileged and susceptible in society come earliest.


Human beings need to live as a family unit despite their national, ethnic, racial, and economic differences. The church teaches that we should be our brothers' keepers and love our neighbors as the shrinking factor of the global dimension("Seven Themes Of Catholic Social Teaching"). The gospel emphasizes on peacemaking and enjoying all our neighbors as family.

Work dignity and privileges of the employees

The financial system needs to provide the populace and not the people serving the economy. Christians need to see the concept of work as a way of continuing with God's creation and not just a way of making a living("Seven Themes Of Catholic Social Teaching"). The respect for the fundamental rights of workers respect depends on respect for workers' dignity.

The four principles of Catholic teaching on social justice

The four catholic policies of social justice constitute the self-esteem of individuals, solidarity, universal excellence, and subsidiarity. Human dignity entails seeing the image of God in every living being. The common good implies the relationship with others and respecting the rights and responsibilities of all the people, while solidarity requires viewing one another as neighbors.

Rerum Novarum teachings on social justice

Pope Leo got concerned about the rise of communism and wrote the Rerum Novarum, which means capital and labor. The pope raised concern over the rise of communism, which claimed to offer workers political and social-economic alternatives("Rerum Novarum (May 15, 1891) | LEO XIII"). The article noted several themes that provided a preferential concept to the poor. The topics in the encyclical included the common good, the role of state and balance between capital and labor.

Oscar Romelo's Struggle for social justice

The life of Oscar presents sainthood based on his quest for social justice. His selfless life depicted by long walks to conduct masses, arranging medical care for those lacking the resources to access the service(Manning). His presence constitutes critiquing the suffering of the people to more significant issues of social injustices. There exists evidence of his fight against social crimes.

Oscar criticized the change in Externado San Jose for opening a night school for the poor and sending the affluent students to witness poverty in sociology exercise(Manning). The pope denounced the changes as they favored Marxism and violated the concept of social justice. The condemnation of the school sparked an investigation by the church, and the government, through the inquiry, did not favor his argument. The religious leader called for reforms in the catholic education to sideline with the Vatican teachings.

The religious leader also manifested his quest for social justice by criticizing violence and advocating for equal treatment of the workers(Manning). Oscar condemned the El Salvador government for employing repressive military and economy based on cruel social differentiation. The religious leader condemned the church for liaising with the government to investigate the violence against civilians.

Oscar's life constituted a pursuit for the truth no matter the direction and destination the fact took. The summons touched on the political, social injustices, and the reality of the people(Manning). The priest emphasized the concept of reconciliation as a quest for peaceful coexistence.

In conclusion, the concept of social justice represents a vital element for the wellbeing of society. The existence of social justice and responsibility contribute to the satisfaction and pleasures of life. The violation of social justice contributes to inorder in the community and breeds the need for revenge, distracting a peaceful coexistence. The concept of social justice needs the view of social needs rather than the individual perspective.

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