Paper Example: Slowing Down Global Warming

Published: 2023-10-09
Paper Example: Slowing Down Global Warming
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Global Warming is a factor that results in the rise of sea levels, death of cloud forests, melting of glaciers, and scramble of wildlife to maintain the pace of life. Studies have asserted that human actions are behind Global Warming. Ideally, with the absolute increment of the population in the past century, the global warming rate has been seen to increase. The change of climate in global Warming emanates from Carbon II Oxide and Methane, which, when the two gases are more in the atmosphere, there is climate change. The paper below discusses the relationship between Global Warming and the population.

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What is the relationship between population increases and climate change?

Thus studies indicate that the more population is there in the country, the more emission the world gets. The United Population Fund asserts that in the 20th century, the human population grew from 1.6 to 6.1 billion (Frieler et al., 2017). This growth in population rapidly increased the CO2 emission (Bongaarts & O'Neill, 2018). Ideally, the environmentalists are also worried about the world's stability with the projected population in the next 50 years, which is reported to surpass 9 billion people. Numerous studies reveal that the third world countries are faced with population pressure problem. Thus with these many people, people cause more emissions, for example, more cars are used, and more fossils burnt to obtain energy for everyone (Bongaarts & O'Neill, 2018). Thus, the poverty reduction in these developing countries increases emissions.

Do you think fertility control is an effective strategy to halt climate change? Why or why not?

From My personal point of view, Fertility control is an effective strategy to halt climate change. It is because, as seen above, an increase in population leads to the climate change. The world’s large population leads to more demand for oil, coal, gas, and other fuels drilled or mined from the surface of the earth (Frieler et al., 2017). However, when there is a control in fertility control in the world, there will be reduction in emissions and in turn reducing the climate change. Thus, to control climate change, the governments and other affected bodies should focus on controlling population growth.


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