Essay Example: Skills Development Plan

Published: 2023-03-20
Essay Example: Skills Development Plan
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Self-development refers to a person's commitment to think and decide for themselves. That implies the acquisition of new skills and the repetition of actions to improve personal habits and skills. Self-development can be achieved through studies, work, and the updating of knowledge, and implies a significant sense of responsibility and a proactive attitude (Pedler et al., 2013). According to Gibbs, 1998, self-evaluation is the process of examining yourself to find out how much progress you have made and what is the gap between your current level of skills and what advanced skills you have to develop and gain. Thus, with this, what is clear to me is that I must be aware that he needs to continue improving myself professionally, and for that, nothing better than betting on training courses. It is also vital for me to make time to achieve this. In this context, Armstrong, (2011), said that the notion of self-development implies a belief in self-potential and ability to generate changes.

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Given what I found so far, I have identified three main goals, these are

  • To develop my commutation skills, particularly my English language, in terms of speaking, writing, and listening.
  • To develop my ability to set common goals and the ability to influence others, direct and guide them to gain their cooperation, and motivate them towards achieving that goal.
  • To develop my teamwork skills, particularly reviewing self-behavior within the team, and seeking to improve it, as well as respect others within the team.
  • Reflecting on these three goals,
  • Communication skills

This is the skill par excellence of the excellent manager. I have to know how to listen to my team and understand body language and nonverbal communication.

To enhance my communication skills: I should develop my English language, show interest in the views of others, pay attention to what the person is telling me, and do not interrupt unnecessarily. As well as paying attention to my body language.

Management and leadership skills

In addition to mastering the art of communication, I must be a very effective leader. I have to know the individual capacities and the needs of all my team members, and they have to recognize them in me. My behavior must be a model and guide for them.

To enhance my management and leadership skills, I have to advance my organizing, planning, leading, and controlling skills. This could be through different training programs as well as an internship. I have to learn how to be open to different ideas, and given people the opportunity to express their views and opinions. I have to learn to respect other people's thoughts and don't ignore their problems and do not create non-existent barriers. As well as deal with things that upset me and take things calmly and in a good mood, as too much seriousness and rigor will block productivity. I should work in my skills and ability to encourage my team to contribute new ideas and solutions, even if they do not curdle.


It is vital that I was able to work with teams and share the team members' values and goals, push them and collaborate with them to achieve these goals allowing them to show their worth and be proud of their work. To enhance my teamwork skills, I need to learn to work with others, share ideas and be collaborative, cooperate and respecting others

In this sense, the development of three micro-skills is crucial, as shown in the table below:

Skills Establish the goals Identify the development needed to Formulate an action plan Undertake development Record the Progress Set time frame Self-evaluation

Communication skills In communication skills I have the following goals; learn to listen, understand body language, and non-verbal communication To improve my listening skills.

  • To understand non-verbal communication.
  • Develop listening skills.
  • Learn to use facial expressions.
  • Practice listening to your teams and pay attention to what the other person is telling you.
  • Maintain close attention to the body language of other people as they communicate.
  • Communicate in public using body language.
  • Keep a record of the daily progress based on the set goals of the development plan.
  • 2019-2021 Set a template to evaluate the progress of your communication development.
  • Check your performance in communication as per the grade you get.
  • Leadership and management skills To be an effective leader with excellent management skills.
  • To be a role model and improve management capacities. To improve my organizing, planning, leading, and control skills. Attend training for new skills in planning, leading, organizing, and controlling lessons.
  • Get engaged in an internship program. Apply the theoretical skills acquired in training in real-life situations in an organization.
  • Ensure during my internship program, that I learn the skills keenly with the support of persons with experience in management skills. Measure the progress you have achieved in leadership and management skills. 2019-2021 Conduct a self-assessment based on ideas and solutions you come up with for the organization.
  • Allow your colleagues to measure your achievement by giving a template to fill.
  • Check your relationship with others if it has improved.
  • Team Work skills To learn to work with others and share ideas.
  • Be collaborative, cooperate, and respect teammates. To improve collaboration skills.
  • Enhance team skills
  • Improve cooperation skills with teammates and other people. Develop the best team-building skills. Learn to work with others as they execute their duties, and this enhances collaboration with teammates.
  • Learn not to be a complainer, and this will enhance cooperation and team-building skills among the teammates. Measure and keep a record of the improvement of team building attained after the development plan. 2019-2021 Assess yourself if your teammate provides positive feedback of teamwork.
  • Check if the complaints have reduced, if so teamwork skills have been improved.

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