Shaping Hope: Kamala Harris' Rhetoric of Conviction, Emotion, and Logic - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-30
Shaping Hope: Kamala Harris' Rhetoric of Conviction, Emotion, and Logic - Essay Sample
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In the short film, You Chose Truth, Kamala Harris gives her sentiments on the late Congressman John Lewis' definition of democracy. She opines that Lewis' statement, that democracy is not a state; it is an act, implied that democracy is attainable through struggles; it is not guaranteed. Realizing democracy demands a will and sacrifice; however, it comes with joy and progress since it lends power to the people to build a better future. Kamala blends both motivational, oratorical, and informative styles in her rhetoric in a convincing masterpiece to assure the American people of the rightfulness in their decision and appreciation of the electorates. She skillfully explores several rhetorical appeals with a unique wit and coherence to persuade the audience.

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Kamala utilizes a rich rhetorical appeal, especially logos, to assert to the American voters that they made the right decision to elect her and Mr. Joe Bidden to the White House. Her speech is packed with a factual conviction that they, especially Bidden, have the experience to govern the nation well. Logos is ingeniously embedded oratory when she reiterates that Joe is a healer, a uniter, a tested and steady hand. A person whose own loss experiences gives him a sense of purpose that will help America reclaim its own sense of hope. A man with a big heart and is abundantly loving (Guardian News, 2020). The coherence of her oratory is immense with conviction facts, and an exemplary utilization of logos.

Similarly, Kamala ingeniously utilizes pathos in her convincing to evoke emotions while approving the American electorate's decision. She preludes the struggles that the nation and peoples have been through, the trying times they have had to endure yet braved it all and ended up making the right decision. Her skills to evoke emotion through speech is evident in several instances. First, Kamala appreciates that times have been challenging, especially in the past few months. She explicates that there has been grief, sorrow, pain, worries, and struggles (Guardian News, 2020). Despite all that, however, the American electorate turned up to choose the truth.

The oratory technique in that speech convinces with an ingenious. Kamala evokes emotions with an unequivocal tone by explicating the historical struggles of the voter and the minority. She wittingly shifts from that emotional standpoint to assure her audience that the struggles were not purposeless and that their decisions were justice and would be justified by the choices. The fluid dynamism of Kamala's speech highlights an impeccable oratory skill that can only be used to assure people of hope for the future when history has been marked with struggles and pain.

She persuades with an unmatched conviction, explicating ethos in her speech. Kamala highlights her experiences of voter and political struggles, particularly for the minority. She appreciates the political struggles of the female, especially the minority black woman. However, after evoking emotions with their struggles, she illuminates hope for them.

Kamala says she appreciates that she is the first woman to hold the most powerful position in the highest office but believes she will not be the last (Guardian News, 2020). Kamala reiterates with a conviction that every young girl watching the historical moment sees America as a nation of possibilities. In a motivating tone, she tells American children that regardless of their gender, the nation has sent them a clear message that they should dream with ambition, lead with conviction, see themselves in ways that others may not, and be assured that they will be applauded every step of the way (Guardian News, 2020). In a restating tone, she assures the audience that although the future will bring challenges, Bidden and she will be equipped for that.

Kamala enviably utilizes ethos, pathos, and logos to evoke emotions and shed light of conviction into America's possibilities. She underscores the essence of the struggles the American voters have gone through to realize democracy and affirms that the future will appreciate American decisions.


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