Sex at Dawn - Book Review Essay Example

Published: 2022-09-06
Sex at Dawn - Book Review Essay Example
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Sex at Dawn is one of the most interesting books that challenges conventional wisdom about sex in a great way. The book examines the prehistoric origins of human sexual behavior with the author doing a great job in exposing the weaknesses and the fallacies of standard theories that most experts have proposed in the past. From an overall overview, "Sex at Dawn" is an entertaining, proactive and pioneering."Sex at Dawn" by Christopher Ryan presents an interesting discussion on the ancient origin of modern sexuality and how it affects the sexual monogamy of the human species.

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Generally, the human sexuality can be traced on the cultural, religious and the scientific understanding of the families as the foundation in which women and men evolved, and it emphasizes that men exchanged their protection and possession with the woman's fidelity and fertility. According to the traditional perspective, sex was basically for procreation which can only take place through marriage and virginity was a great treasure to the society. Sex outside the marriage was unthinkable. The marriage tradition was highly esteemed. Although the marriage tradition still holds and remains relevant, cases of divorce and sex before marriage with some children born outside wedlock remains the typical characteristics of the modern unions.

"Sex at Dawn" provides an insight into the social behaviors and mating culture of the prehistoric ancestors. The book further emphasizes that the woman's sexuality is more complicated as opposed to that of men. It is the understanding of the society that women are usually conservative when it comes to sexuality. The human species sexuality is not solely for procreation since some of the ancestors' used sex to bring harmony after a disagreement or as distress and also for leisure. I concur with Christopher's understanding of the issue of sex because, in the modern sexuality, it is more of cohabiting and companionship. The lack of knowledge on the purpose of marriage and sexuality has contributed to the many cases of different forms of sexual orientation and adultery among the young generation.

Even though much of Christopher's arguments are not anchored on research, his book is a great eye opener to the modern society. There's a lot of ignorance and lack of human sexuality education in the current society and how it has changed over time. Ryan's perception of women as natural whores depict women as opportunists who are willing to trade off sex for economic gains, makes the society to view them as sex objects and therefore are vulnerable to sexual abuse. I believe both women and men are equal before God and therefore should be treated with the utmost dignity and sanity in the society.

Traditionally, the families were united and usually cooperative when it comes to sharing food and other items, and therefore the nomadic tribes had no time to fight with each other over sex since they were sharing in different ways such as child care, food, defense groups and rather not only sex. The societal sharing value was highly cherished as opposed to the contemporary society. Today, the society is made up of men and women who are greedy and opportunists. The human sexuality is primitive currently as opposed to our ancestors who were more complex.

"Sex at Dawn" has put fundamental beliefs of our economy, science, and society in question. Taken alone, the claim has no chance of making Sex at Dawn to be controversial and interesting at the same time. However, sex at Dawn challenges some of the most basic beliefs of most individuals, religions, and culture, specifically the assumption that human beings are portrayed to be monogamous by nature. Ideally, in our daily lives, and in various aspect of life throughout the globe, western culture has been very influential. The reality is however identified to be very different, as shown by statistics on marriage, divorce, and adultery and demonstrated as well by a great number of children that have been born to most adulterous women, whose partners are not having the idea they have been deceived. On the other hand, enforced monogamy is an integral element of Christianity with a population of 2.3 billion identified as Christians all over the world identified as the largest religion in the whole world. Hence Christian as a religion influences most of the cultures, even the non-Christians individuals.

So if any individual raises a challenge to the conviction that a man's nature is monogamous as Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha have in the doing so in Sex at Dawn, then it is very clear that the end result will be so controversial and will end up bringing enmity.

According to Ryan and Jeth'a in the book Sex at Dawn, some of the basic assumptions that the book has focused on are the prehistoric humans who are continuously fighting for survival and individuals who are living in poverty are most probably identified to be wrong. However, these false assumptions are continuing to shape science and specifically our ideas of society on standard narrative as a term. According to this ideology, humans are recognized to be monogamous by nature and are motivated by the competition of making their genes transmitted to their young ones.

From the general view of Sex at Dawn, it has become obvious that it is not about the debate that is surrounding human sexuality. Its focuses right to the core of the debate that is driving various forces of evolution, the development and the shape of our economies and our societies, cooperation, competition and cooperation of various issues related to this. Technically, Sex at Dawn focuses on the very nature of humans and speculate that it can be very different from what many authorities have been speaking to us so often and for a period of time.

Considering human relation to the society, Sex at Dawn is has brought up a fierce debate. From this point of view, Ryan and Jetha have criticized most of the scientist who has sharply attacked Sex at Dawn. Sex at Dawn has technically called into question various power structures, social structures and some of the scientific reputation that has transpired in the In case that is not enough reason to raise attack on Ryan and Jeth'a unusual course of life. It is important to note that Ryan's academic career has not been traditional, he actually performed various kinds of jobs that have nothing pertaining to science and ended up earning his doctorate degree in his later years. It's funny how Ryan as an outsider came along to along even dares to challenge the convictions and the results of some of the greatest names in the science of present and past times. However, to most of the scientist who has worked their way high in the traditional way, without ever being known to the world, this can seem to them as a loud command.

To Ryan and Jetha, what transpires is a well-founded basis for their alternative model to human to work out as monogamous by nature. To be precise, Ryan and Jeth'a don't operate with the belief that our ancestors got locked in a constant struggle just to ensure that survival was possible. Instead, their dwelling was dominated by a lifestyle that entailed small groups of peaceful nomads who would operate with great resources of food growing everywhere around the globe. Their lives were focused on their group. Through such a model, one significant part of their social interaction was promiscuous sex and by this, it served on strengthening the social bonds that were existing within the group. In such nomadic groups, sex, in general, was not in short supply and there existed nothing like exclusive rights of having a sexual partner. Sex in most cases took place often as group sex, this happened by females engaging in sex with various male partners. However, in the current society, this is recognized as Gangbang and its identified as a famous genre of pornography. One will recognize some of the possible reasons as to why women and men like to watch such film as expressed in Sex at Dawn.

Conclusively, Sex at Dawn advocates for the emancipation of the people on the actual human sexuality with the view of leading the masses to be more tolerant and compassionate with each other since "knowledge is power, and the first step to human understanding is to comprehend what kind of creatures human beings are." The society should be viewed in the context of animals so that the human species can evaluate and be able to see where they are on the spectrum. I believe it is normal to have the natural appetite for sex even if one is practicing monogamy. It is a choice, and therefore one should not be victimized for showing affection to another woman's husband. It is straightforward to manage relationship conflicts so long as the people have an underrating of nature and the source of the feelings.

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