Essay Sample on Bone Fractures

Published: 2022-03-30
Essay Sample on Bone Fractures
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Types of bone fractures

There are different types of bone fractures that range from severe to minor inconveniences. Based on the types of fractures, it might take months or years for a patient to recover as some of the fractures might be life-threatening. Moreover, when the fractures are improperly treated, they could lead to debilitating body mobility and strength. There are two types of bone fractures, which include simple and compound fractures. Simple fractures are also referred to as closed fractures, they include broken bones that have not penetrated the skin, and they remain within the body. However, for the compound fractures, they are considered to be more complex compared to the simple fractures. In the dichotomy of a compound and simple fractures, there are different types of fractures that include avulsion, greenstick, and comminuted fractures. An avulsion fracture occurs when a small piece of bone gets torn from a main borne due to the application of extreme forces to a tendon or ligament, while greenstick fracture occurs when a bone breaks along one side of a bone. A comminuted fracture is a severe fracture where a bone breaks into small pieces.

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How a bone remodels itself

Bone remodeling occurs due to the mechanical stresses that take place in the bone tissue. Moreover, it also takes place as a need for calcium in the extracellular fluids. The osteoclasts, osteocytes, and osteoblasts are the three types cells found in a bone (El-Gabalawy, 1999).

Ways doctors may treat fractured bones

The first step in the treatment of fractures starts in the urgent care clinic or emergency room where a doctor evaluates the injuries and uses a splint to immobilize a leg if it is fractured (Flandry and Hommel, 2011). If it is a displaced fracture, the doctor manipulates the broken pieces through a process known as reduction before applying a splint. Fractures can also be treated through immobilization as restriction of the movement of a fractured bone is important for the purpose of healing. A doctor recommends that use of acetaminophen or ibuprofen or both for the purpose of reducing inflammation and pain. After the removal of the splint or cast, physical therapy or rehabilitation exercises to restore the movement of an injured leg and reduce stiffness. However, a doctor can also do surgery to implant internal fixation devices like screws, rods or plates.

Have you or someone you know had a fracture? How was it treated? What was the outcome?

One of my brothers broke his leg in a road accident. His fractured bone was treated with immobilization as restriction of the movement of a fractured bone. He also used acetaminophen for the purpose of reduction of pain. Physical therapy was later done and the leg healed completely.

2. Possible diagnoses for John's knee pain

Through physical therapy hence strengthening the knee muscles and injection of medications on the knee.

Structure and function of the synovial joint of the knee

The synovial joint bones are surrounded synovial capsules that secrete the synovial fluid which nourishes and lubricates the joints hence absorbs shock. Friction is reduced during movement with glasslike and smooth hyaline cartilage (Goldblatt and Richmond, 2003).

Knee synovitis

Knee synovitis is a condition that takes place when a synovial membrane is inflamed. The stiffness or swelling in the knee joint may develop due to gout, rheumatoid arthritis or another injury.

What might the doctor recommend to John to treat his symptoms?

The doctor might recommend physical therapy or medications to treat John's symptoms.

Holistic approaches to treating Johns symptoms

The holistic approach of John's symptoms starts by examination of his knee condition by a physician, through the examination of swelling and tenderness, stability ligaments and bending the knee in full range motion. Blood tests for arthritis, gout or any other type of medical conditions and radiologic tests done through plain x-ray in order to determine degenerative changes and fractures of the knees. The physical can go further to remove arthrocentesis if John suffers from arthritis.


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