Essay Sample on Informative Interview

Published: 2023-02-22
Essay Sample on Informative Interview
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A sports manager usually handles the structural organization and the scheduling of the clients. Both organizations and individual athletes often hire sports managers intending to see everything that takes place in the field run smoothly. The purpose of this paper is to learn about the career path of a sports manager in the sports business industry by networking with and interviewing an industry professional.

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Interview Questions and Answers

Question 1: What is your job title?

The job title is a sports manager - a job title connected to the organization and the scheduling of clients.

Question 2: How long have you been working in your current position?

I have been working as a sports manager for the last three years. I joined the company as a sports manager in January 2016.

Question 3: Who is the primary target market that you serve in your position?

The primary target market includes individual athletes. The team also consists of the fundamental market.

Question 4: What is your favorite thing about your job? What is your least favorite thing about your job?

The favorite thing about being a sports manager is that I focus on making sure the clients get adequate attention. I also find it interesting to have the team working at its highest level.

Question 5: What advice do you have for someone new to the industry and considering a job in this field?

I would advice an individual wishing to join the industry to build excellent business skills. The individual should also cultivate the superb ability to negotiate and communicate.

Question 6: Why did you want the sports manager job?

I wanted the job of a sports manager because I love the customer support. I love constant humankind interactions and the satisfaction which comes from assisting a person in solving an issue. I have always been passionate about learning, and i thought that the sports organization is doing great things which I wanted to be part of it.

Question 7: What are the lessons learned from challenges on the sports manager job?I have learned that moving ahead without having group assistance is difficult. Therefore, being assigned to a group project has the meaning that collaboration is good.

Question 8: What challenges do you expect in the sports manager position?

The challenges that I am looking for in the manager's position include seeking the way to discuss ways that would enable me to make use of my experience and skills effectively. The challenges of having the ability to be flexible in meeting the goals achieved in the past are also expected.

Question 9: Explain a typical work week as a sports manager position?

The first thing to accomplish on Monday is checking my email and voicemail. This will help in prioritizing my activities to be handled for the week.

Question 10: What is your weakness?

My weakness is getting in the office on time. This is because I am not a morning individual.

Question 11: Why do you think you were hired as a sports manager?

I was hired as I am a charismatic person. I am ever ready to be committed to the activities of the company.

Question 12: What did you know about the company?

I came to know about the company by researching information about it by visiting the website of the organization. I also searched about the period the company has been at work and the culture of the company.

Question 13: Why did you want to work with the company?

I wanted to work with the company as it emphasized integrity with the clients. The mission and vision of the company got me attracted to work in it.

Question 14: Was the salary offered attracting you to the sports manager job?

The salary offered by the company was attractive. However, I found the job being proposed to be the most appealing to me.

Question 15: What questions do you ask the upper management?

I ask the upper management about induction. I also ask the top management issues regarding developmental programs

Summary Response

From the interview, I learned that for one to become a sports manager, it is essential to acquire a bachelor's degree or a related internship as well as having adequate experience within the sport. The degrees at graduate levels in the sport management may promote the job prospects in the career of a sports manager. Different from the sports agents, a sports manager does not focus on the contracts for their clients. A sports manager makes sure that their clients are acquiring adequate training and attention to enable them to compete at their highest levels. The sport managers may be hired at different venues, including professional and amateur leagues, academic institutions, the sporting goods organization, and the marketing firms of sports.

The duties that are assigned to a sports manager may range widely, relying on their clientele. The sport managers are expected to be responsible for the individual athlete and maintaining that they are in good physical and mental health. This may mean carrying out several things, such as the hiring of trainers in working out of issues between the player and the team. A sports manager should work together with their media to ensure their clients are obtaining the right image from the public. The sport managers should ensure that all elements of the life of the athlete are organized well and make sure they are acquiring the recognition they deserve.

For a sports manager of an organization or a team, the duties are distinct. When working with the whole organization, a manager should ensure that the considerable network required for running the operation is working sufficiently and organized correctly. The sport managers take the responsibility of smoothing out the conflicts between their departments as well as overseeing the inner workings in the organization. This entails typically working as the intermediaries between the players and owners who are working with marketing divisions to provide the team with a high public image and maintaining the correct balance of the workers to make everything work smoothly. The sports manager fits into the global sports ecosystem as the manager has good business skills and excellent ability to negotiating and communicating in serious discussions concerning huge issues.

In conclusion, a given sports manager is assigned several responsibilities that generally revolve around, making it easier for the clients to concentrate only on winning without necessarily worrying about the organization or business side of the sports. Therefore, a sports manager is seen to be like a spokesman for their clients as they are charged with ensuring all their requirements are attained and that they are in the best position for succeeding.

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