Free Essay on the Rule Violations and Conflict of Interest at the Workplace

Published: 2022-07-28
Free Essay on the Rule Violations and Conflict of Interest at the Workplace
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The most systematic ethical elapse in my current workplace is rule violations. Most of the employees do violet the company's set of rules and policies frequently knowingly or unknowingly (Guo 208). According to J.O. Cherrington and D. J. Cherrington, every organization is governed by a list of rules. Some of the rules are in the form of religion or commandments (Wrench and Narissa n.p). Some of the rules that are commonly violated in my current place of work include reporting late, neglecting duties, posting unauthorized information or materials on walls, and gambling during working hours.

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The least systematic ethical lapse in my current organization is a conflict of interest and influence buying. It entails taking bribes, having payoffs, and kickbacks. Conflict of interest takes place when employees have a private or particular interest which is essential in interfering with their duties at work (Shaw 388). Influence buying refers to the behaviors that influence what a customer purchases (Krishna 27; Sama 92). Most of the employees at my current place of work do not take bribes from the customers as they work towards providing quality products and services to the customers. Additionally, the only request for payoffs when there is a need since the organization do provide incentives to the employees once in a while which motivates them (Latham 121).

As a CEO, the things I will do to combat rule violations in my company includes creating a code of ethics. Creating a code of ethics for the firm will establish values which are significant to the business and can develop a common framework to understand the boundaries in the organization (Bredeson and Keith 76). The other way includes establishing a protocol, empowering employees, and continuously reviewing the code of ethics (Zhang and Kathryn 115).


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