Role of the Environment in Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel

Published: 2022-12-16
Role of the Environment in Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel
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Kenneth Oppel is a renown and prominent writer of novel and journals among others, one of his work is that of Shilverwing which is among the novels that are most loved by children especially because of use of creatures such as owls ,bats and rats just to mention a few. A battle exists between the bats and the own thus making the bats not be able to see the sun because it was in the territory of the owl .despite this Shade takes a risk of going to the sun and he escapes death narrowly because the owl spot him but he flees away.

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In the novel sun is the environments which act as a very dangerous place for the bats but a right spot and thrive in area for the owl since the owl spots shade while it is in the sun.darkness is the favourite place of livelihood for the bats unlike the owl.this environment functions differently for both the animals since both the owl and the bat have different environmental adaptations.

The second form of the environment is the tree haven where the bats used to live comfortably but were forced to migrate because of the fires that were lit by owls due to the continues differences that occurred between the two. While the bats were migrating, they came across a massive storm which carried away Shade and landed him on a highland a place that was isolated with few animals. luckily he met a female friend by the name Marina.

The island was the comfort zone of Marina and acted as her next home after the other bats excluded her because she had a mysterious band on her wing that was placed by human beings while she had gone to the human territory. The storm which swept shade to the highland was of an advantage because it made him meet a new friend who was of much help. Marina helped Shaped get back to his family members.

The characters in Silverwing behave differently in different environments .firstly, the owl is very comfortable in the sun and is very hostile to strange animals who come to inhibit or to take adventure in his comfort zone the case Shade, the owl.while almost kills him on the other hand the owl cannot survive in dark environs where this is a comfortable living environment for Shade it helps shade to avoid identification and being a prey for predators hence an assuarity for the survival of bats

In the island, Marina is very comfortable since she helps Shade to trace his way back to his fellow family members. The island acts a saviour for Shade while it is a hiding area for Marina, the bat with a silver band on its wings. Marina finds comfort in the deserted place a place where he went for exile after being excommunicated from her colony due to the silver band on her wing.on the same highland it is a rescue place for Shade.

The forest is a conducive environment for owls. When Shade passes through the forest towards the sun, it triggers the owls which fight back its colony hence leaving Shade lonely. In the woods, the owls get a good serene of viewing their prey from a distance so that they are prepared to attack the pray like the case of the encounter between Shade and the owls. While shade is flying to winter, a storm separates him from the family and lands him on an isolated island.

Humans are a different environment. Marina and Shade watch human beings don their prayers in Zephrys cathedral and they greatly impressed by their acts, the cathedral is a worship place for the humans where they go to seek for solutions to their needs from their gods who are,Zotz .while Shade and Marina view the human sat the cathedral as exciting creatures .goth and Band have a negative mentality towards the human beings because once the human appear in the city the two are banded and experiments are made on them thus creating a wrong impression, mistrust and hatred toward the human beings .

Marina and Shade find it difficult in coping with the alien land for instance while they are in the city of pigeons, the Ambassador Owl questions them, but they refuse to give feedback to the questions. This seems like an act of disrespect to the authority. As a result of the owl orders the Pigeon captain to remove the wings, this does not bear fruits since Marina and Shade flees away for safety. Shade and her colony adapt well to their new environment after Brutus burn down the Tree Haven when they used to live. They migrate to a dark area where their enemies the owl cannot find them.


In conclusion, in the Silverwing Oppel makes use of various environment which the characters have been exposed to such as the sun, forest, cathedral, Tree Haven among others. The characters respond differently to these environments where some have already adapted while others romanticise reality as illustrated above.


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