Role of Government in Health Care - Paper Sample

Published: 2023-12-12
Role of Government in Health Care - Paper Sample
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The state and the Federal Government play a vital role in the health sector. The latter is mandated to establish a framework that ensures the health care system's smooth and efficient operation. Healthcare is regarded as the most crucial sector since citizens' health should always be prioritized (Whelan et al., 2015). The Government should ensure that all the personnel working in the health facilities have met the required professional standards. This paper will focus on the Government's significant roles in the health care system, as per the commonwealth organization's requirements.

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The Government is the one responsible for providing the finances required to run the healthcare facilities. Health facilities require money to purchase drugs and buy hospital equipment used by doctors and nurses. The government funds are also used to pay the support staff who work in health centers since patients outdo the number of nurses working in a health center. The Government ensures that the health care sector is allocated enough in the government budget (Stabile & Thompson, 2017). Some other resources raising strategies like requesting for aid from international organizations are also put in place. This ensures that the health sector will never run out of funds.

The Government ensures that all the health providers working in the health facilities have met the required qualifications. This is done regardless of whether they are working in private or public health centers. The provision of safe and quality health services to the citizens is mandatory. The health care sector is susceptible, and therefore the Government should be very keen on monitoring how the services are delivered (Stabile & Thompson, 2015). The drugs prescribed to patients should also meet the required standards; otherwise, they will be fatal and kill the patients.

The Government is responsible for employing and posting doctors and nurses in hospitals. The ratio of health providers to that of patients in health centers should rhyme (Whelan et al., 2015). Doctors and nurses should handle only the number of patients they will deliver quality services to them. Many doctors and nurses should be posted to hospitals located in areas where the population is high.


The Government is responsible for protecting the citizens by ensuring that they live in a hazard-free environment. Citizens should live in places where they are least exposed to diseases and other substances that are harmful to their lives (Whelan et al., 2015). The Government should prohibit activities such as setting up industries and factories in areas where there is a human settlement. Dumping of substances and litter that may cause diseases to people should not be allowed ( Ravenswood & Kaine, 2015). Any individual who violates the Government's above measures should be reported to the relevant authority for being ignorant.

The Government should protect the citizens from contracting communicable diseases and other outbreaks. This can be achieved by prohibiting people from visiting places that have been affected by the disease. Isolating the patients who have been affected by these diseases is another option (Samak et al., 2016). They should stay in seclusion until they recover when the Government manages to control the disease. Vaccines should also be administered to people to make them develop immunity to fight the pathogens.


Conclusively, the health care sector should be given priority. Health centers should always be equipped with all the drugs needed by patients. The hospitals should have enough health providers to attend the patients. The Government should ensure citizens live in safe environments and protect them if there is an outbreak of a disease. All healthcare providers should be qualified to ensure the efficient delivery of healthcare services.


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