Essay Example on the Role of Fluticasone in the Treatment of COPD

Published: 2019-05-15 17:52:07
Essay Example on the Role of Fluticasone in the Treatment of COPD
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Fluticasone is a medicine that belongs to a certain class known as corticosteroids. The drug is used in oral inhalation to relieve any tightness of the chest as well as wheezing, difficulties in breathing and coughing especially in asthmatic people. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary (COPD) is a disease that worsens as time moves forth and makes it difficult for people suffering from it to breathe. It is also called progressive disease. The essay focuses on the role of fluticasone in treatment of COPD. Thus, the essay will state the possible symptoms of COPD, application of fluticasone, and draw a conclusion regarding the treatment (Betsuyaku & Kato, 2013).

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COPD is a disease that affects the human lungs which means any person suffering from this disease has some complications with the functionality of the lungs. The lungs control the human breathing system after air is inhaled. During inhalation, the air goes down to the bronchial or air tubes, which are attached to thinner tubes called the bronchioles. Bronchioles have some tiny air sacs around their ends known as alveoli. Therefore, the blood runs around the alveoli and later the oxygen is then passed to the blood capillaries to the other body parts. The airways are stretchy which means they expand during inhalation and when one breathe out the alveoli contracts. Hence, in COPD diseases, there is insufficient air getting into the lungs during inhalation because of inhalation difficulties. Lack of oxygen may lead to instant death if not managed. These difficulties result from damaged bronchioles that are clogged with some thick mucus when the airways are irritated constantly and result to the bronchioles losing their shape. In addition, the walls of the alveoli are also destroyed resulting to formation of larger alveolis instead of several petite one thus result to insufficient oxygen in the body. The common symptoms of this disease include severe coughs, watery discharge from the nostrils, itching nose, sneezing, congested nose (Kramer, Krichmar & Baine.. etl., 2008).

The major role of Fluticasone during the treatment of COPD is to ease the respiratory system so as to increases the amount of air into the human body by reducing inflammation and irritation. Bronchial inflammation is triggered by a viral or a bacterial infection that result from air pollution or cold weather. Bacteria called etiology, which relate to the existing lower colonization of airway or any newly bacterial strains are identified in many exacerbations. However, recent studies indicate that the bacteria is not the primary factor but the complicated host pathogens interactions are involved in the exacerbations of the bacteria etiology instead of simple bacteria load. Thus, Fluticasone is used in controlling the inflammation in the airways swelling and mucus production that results from these bacterial thus making breathing easier by improving the lung function (Flez?ar, 2006).

Fluticasone is also used in controlling any kind of hay fever or allergies during the treatments. Thus, gives the patience some relaxation although it does not completely cure the condition. Due to pollution or cold weather conditions, the body may react by producing hay fevers, which in turn affect the condition of the patient. Therefore, Fluticasone is used to relieve these conditions. Fluticasone is mostly used to treat COPD when the situation becomes worse (Parkin & Sarah, 2007).

In conclusion, Fluticasone is one of the best combinations to prevent COPD disease concerning pollution or environmental changes. The medication and dosage of Fluticasone should be well prescribed by the doctor according to the patients location. Although there are other ways of managing COPD diseases, Fluticasone reduces the level of deaths possibly due to lack of air.


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