Robert Frost: The Road Not Taken - Poem Analysis Essay Sample

Published: 2019-09-23
Robert Frost: The Road Not Taken - Poem Analysis Essay Sample
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The Road Not Taken is among Robert Frost's most famous poems. He creates wonderful imagery with a pace and rhyming scheme which makes it pleasant to read and listen to. The poem is about decision-making, and the consequences of the choices one makes. Frost points out that regardless of the choice one makes; good or bad, the choices are what makes all the difference.

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The poem begins with a decision the narrator is confronted with, described in the form of two diverging roads. In the line, sorry I could not travel both, which is followed by, looked down one as far as I could, and took the other, as just as fair. implies that it is a tough decision, probably wishing he could go both ways. The indication is that he is exploring both options in his mind. He goes on to say that the passing there had worn them really about the same. , which shows that the choices he had to choose from had seemingly the same consequences.The narrator says that both roads lay equally in leaves no step had trodden black, which indicates that no one before had made that decision and that he had no directions to follow. In many instances, however, once a person makes a choice they can never go back. The narrator says, Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back. implying that he would never really know what would have happened even if he had a to-do over with all the knowledge of the other choice.

The narrator winds up his journey by saying I shall be telling this with a sigh somewhere ages and ages hence. which depicts him as a young and knowledgeable man. Here is aware that whichever decision he makes, it will affect his life in a way that he couldn't take back.

The narrator knows that the choice he makes does have an impact. In arguably the most quoted part of this poem, he says Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. implying he sought to have the first-hand experience. The choice he made, made him who the man he is. Beyond the light feeling of this poem and beyond the happiness an individual might feel as they reach the end of this poem lays the simple truth that our choices directly correlate with the person we become.

An Analysis of I Killed Adolf Hitler by Jason

This is a full color 2007 graphic novel by Norwegian writer and artist Jason. It is an amusing, uniquely touching tale of love and obligation and is set in a very violent world. He postulates and brings into existence a world which is so violent where there are contract killers; murder for hire is legal profession. These are recruited to kill and do away with scumbags, coworkers, bad, disruptive neighbors, dysfunctional relatives or anyone whom you hold a personal vendetta.

Their services are highly required and in demand. One such killer is hired to kill Adolf Hitler. He is the main character and is recruited by a scientist to take on that very challenging task. The scientist has developed a time machine which can go back into the past. All the assassin has to do is to step into the machine and push one button. He is then going to appear before Hitler, shoot him, then repeat the trip back home.

It is a task that seems to be relatively simple enough, but things go terribly wrong. Hitlers guard overpowers him, and he (Hitler) sends himself the present world as Fuhrer was utilitarian, and one of the most frightening men of the twentieth century reduced to a caricature running off panel. The killer is left stranded in the past. Arriving in the present world, Hitler is again met by the killer again who is now seventy years older (He has developed wrinkles upon his brows, and his eyes likened to those of a dog). He decides to team up with his girlfriend, who is relatively younger, in tracking down Hitler.

The result is a missing dictator, a disappointed scientist who was the client and finally a man out of time who returned to the life he knew once before, but he is now much older, tired and exhausted. At this point, the book delves into the territory of Jason and here he slows down his sense of humor, which is wickedly dry and minimal. The novel is rendered in a crisp deadpan neo clear line style and is supplemented by lovely, understanding coloring which reflects back the old nature of the assassin who faced the task of coming back home the hard way.

In this novel, there is a psychology to depicting strong emotional content. There is a built-in affection between the assassin and his girlfriend that permeates every level. Jasons art is adorable and moody. There is also a sense of silence throughout the novel, and this helps in reflecting back on the idea of distance traveled through time and also the emotional distance between the assassin and his girlfriend. Jason uses witty or at times simple, functional dialogues.

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