Rhetorical Analysis Essay: "Is There Pressure on Teenagers to Go to College?"

Published: 2022-02-24
Rhetorical Analysis Essay: "Is There Pressure on Teenagers to Go to College?"
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Most students in the current generation are being pressured to join colleges, as suggested by the rising levels frustrations in education. Although this move has seen an increase in the number of enrollment in colleges and universities, is it the right way to ensure that teenagers have a good life in the future? Are the students allowed to make their own career choices? In my essay, I attempt to explain this phenomenon by incorporating different ideas from various sources to bring out this point clear. Students and parents are the primary audience though the argument is still suitable for other educational consultants, guardians, and counselors. I have advocated for freedom of choice for high school graduates when choosing whether to join college and which course to undertake. Through the use of useful skills, a writer can deliver the message to the audience effectively. The paper shall indicate the effectiveness of the use of pathos, ethos, and logos and show how the text achieves its purpose for parents and students, and educational consultant audiences. Proper incorporation of pathos, ethos, and logos in an essay enables an author to communicate effectively to the audience.

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I have used various rhetorical appeals to persuade the audience that the pressure applied on students cannot always be fruitful; it is hazardous sometimes. In the first paragraph, I used pathos to create a feeling of concern to the audience about the pressure on high school graduates. My choice of words also suggests what I am feelings on the subject matter. For instance, "Students have different qualities and traits and asking them to continue with their education or focusing on specific fields because of how promising the field is can be frustrating." The word "frustrating" reveals to the audience the adversities students face when they are forced into careers they do not like. The tone used in the text creates emotional concerns to the audience. I have made proper use of emotional appeal to persuade my audience to value the freedom of choice to high school graduates when choosing their career.

Effective conveyance of information requires proper use of logical appeals. I have made adequate use of reasonable statements that consents with the beliefs of my audience. It is true that teenagers think that going to college and getting a good job is the only way to success. This statement in paragraph two of the text gives the original thinking of every student which then I have proved further by saying that "students try to achieve success by all means even if it means infringing on their health." This shows logical thinking approach to reveal to my audience that students are overstepping on crucial life matters to achieve good grades that will give them a position in a college or a university. According to logical thinking proposed by Aristotle, an author has to present statements that provide reasoning to the audience1. I have stated that "most students do not choose what is best for them, but the right thing to do, which is going to college." The statement merges with the reasoning of the target audience, the students and parents, since everyone believes that they are supposed to join a college or a university after high school education, because it is necessary.

Ethos is the ability of an author to prove the credibility of the text. It involves the use of statements that shows knowledge in the subject of discussion1. In the essay "Is There Pressure on Teenagers to Go to college?" I have established identifiable statements that show my reliability. In paragraph three, I wrote that "throughout high school, teenagers are constantly reminded about what waits for them." This shows that I have gone through the same experience, and I understand what most students are told in high school. More so, most my target audience have gone through a similar experience, which makes them develop trust in my argument. The use of in text citations on statements that are derived from scholarly sources, as seen in paragraph four also heightens my credibility. Although there are no direct quotations from the educational materials used, I have able to develop facts that are agreeable among all my audience. For instance, "the labor market has placed demands on teenagers because they require to have degrees and masters to qualify for employment and earn a good living." This is a fact that is undeniable to the audience since the current top paying employments are given to people with the high academic attainment in the contemporary world. I have concluded the above statement by stating that "the society we live in is guilty of the pressure too." The use of the factual account in the text has helped me to persuade the audiences that the argument presented is credible as well as reliable in the context of pressure on teenagers.


In conclusion, I have made good use of the three rhetorical appeals to persuade the readers that freedom of choice is necessary for high school graduates. The use of pathos, which is accompanied by the incorporation of tone and language, appeals to the emotions of my audiences where they feel sympathy for the pressured teen. I have used strong argument statements to show logical thinking (logos) throughout the text. This helps me to strengthen my position in the argument where I advocate for freedom of choice for students. Finally, I prove my reliability by proper use of ethos in factual statements, and use of relatable incidences that demonstrates that I am trustworthy to my audience. The target audiences are the parents and students in the general society who has been undergoing pressure due to denial of a chance to choose what they want with their lives. This is where most people in the community have found themselves. Therefore the effectiveness of the message contained in the material has been attained by the use of pathos, ethos, and logos.


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