Sample Essay on Review The Marrow Thieves

Published: 2022-11-09
 Sample Essay on Review The Marrow Thieves
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The author of the novel seems to have a greater concern in the way human beings interact. It is evident that one of the most significant themes in the story is greediness and self-centeredness. The author seems to suggest that human beings will always bow down to their selfish desires at the expense of humanity. In the novel, the recruiters use merciless approaches on the indigenous people in an attempt to collect the precious marrow for the powerful individuals. The manner in which the entire process of marrow collection is conducted breaks and threatens the unity of many families. Frenchie is separated from both his parents and later separated from his brother Mitch. Mining shows a lot of concern for the entire team that he leads. Their psychological motivation of Frenchie stems from the harsh experience he has faced. He was still young yet he lost a brother and both parents to the thieves. Frenchie develops courage from the thought that he comes from a lineage of legendary hunters. The young man believes that he possesses the intelligence required to survive in a jungle. He gets annoyed after Lincoln and Travis strangled RiRi; Travis was shot by Frenchie. Frenchie says, "Something had changed since I'd fired the gun, since I'd killed Travis" (Dimaline 147). Mitch is motivated by love for his younger brother and makes a decision to surrender to the captors. This type of motivation can be described as a sacrifice for sibling love. Miigwans and Minerva are motivated by the fact that they are the eldest members of the group. The aspect of age psychologically orients these two to take up leadership roles. In addition, Miigwans and Minerva are well-informed about the ways of their people as well as history. This makes them more knowledgeable than the younger members of the team. The transfer of knowledge shows that the members are willing to maintain their culture and norms. Minerva's intelligence is revealed when she uses her beautiful voice to break down the marrow extraction machine. This shows that Minerva understands how to use music as a weapon. It also shows that the aboriginals believe in the power of their indigenous knowledge. Rose is psychologically motivated by the fact that she was left alone after her grandmother was captured. She was also taught some hunting skills by her grandmother's brother and also received a lot of support and lessons from Minerva in their native language. The transfer of skills increased knowledge and elevated self-confidence.

In conclusion, The Marrow Thieves is a futuristic novel where the author narrates how a community has been targeted because of the rare intelligence contained in the marrow. Members of the native community are captured and forced to "donate" their marrows. It is clear that the indigenous people are not well-endowed anything wealth other than intelligence and indigenous knowledge. There is evidence of love among family members and separation seems to have adverse effects on the members. In this case, an example of Frenchie and Miigwans can be revisited. In the novel, characters are psychologically motivated by their experiences and social positions that are determined by gender and age.

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