Essay Sample on Role of Human Resource in Performance Appraisal

Published: 2023-03-08
Essay Sample on Role of Human Resource in Performance Appraisal
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Performance appraisal means a frequent evaluation of how an employee performs in his/her area and how much they contribute to the wellbeing of a firm in which they work. Performance appraisals are typically done annually (Murphy, & Deckert, 2013). The human resource department and the management of the firm has a critical involvement in the performance appraisals in their organizations. The management and the human resource department are involved in performance appraisals in the following ways. The human resource department, as well as the administration, takes a central role in designing performance appraisals for their workers (Prieto, & Pilar Perez Santana, 2012). Additionally, the human resource department acts as the link between the heads of departments or the authorities that review the performance and the employees. The human resource department also plays a role in ensuring that there is a working relationship between it and the review authorities to ensure that the designed appraisals are discharged on time and only the performers deserve a reward (Prieto, & Pilar Perez Santana, 2012).

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Components of an Effective Performance Appraisal

A useful performance appraisal must have the following elements. Performance standards are among the integral parts of a performance appraisal (Murphy, & Deckert, 2013). It is the element that explains how various operations should be done to facilitate expertise and increase the quality of the job done. Another aspect is the expectations of the job (Murphy, & Deckert, 2013). It ensures that the worker knows what is expected of them in their activities. The expectations are the ones used during the review of the appraisal to determine whether the workers met them hence a reward for those that met. Another element is the compensation and reward system according to performance (Murphy, & Deckert, 2013). Performance appraisals must lay out a plan of how the performers will be rewarded after the review of the performance appraisals.

Contributions to the Organization's Goals

The goal of any organization is a success. Performance appraisals contribute massively to the success of an organization when the implementation is proper. They aid by motivating the workers to work more due to the benefits and rewards that they get when they perform well (Jabeen, 2011). Additionally, performance appraisals provide a process through which the employee can approach the management for discussions and problem-solving. Performance appraisals also provide statistics that are applicable in monitoring the progress of the organization in recruiting and other practices such as induction of employees, among other benefits (Jabeen, 2011).

Contributions to Effective Training and Development

Performance appraisals have several advantages to the organization as well as aid in the training and development of quality employees. They assist in achieving this by motivating the workers, which trains them to work hard to better their performance as they target to get the rewards. Additionally, they aid in annual planning where they provide a platform for the workers and the management to think through strategizing for the coming year and creating the goals for the employees. Performance appraisals also keep the employees on their toes to perform better since they are aware that they will be evaluated, and consequences may follow whether good ones or bad ones.

Discriminations Related to Performance Appraisals

In as much as performance appraisals are crucial for an organization, they may come along with disadvantages, among them discrimination along different lines. Performance appraisals are designed to ensure maximum performance. In an organization that is strict with performance appraisal, discrimination of people with disabilities may be witnessed as these people may not be able to work correctly due to their physical limitations (Boachie-Mensah, & Seidu, 2012). Additionally, older people may be discriminated against as they might be deemed less productive. Gender discrimination may also be present where females are likely to be on the spot due to issues such as maternal leaves, which may hinder performance. Others may think that women are inferior to men hence unfit for maximum performance.


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