Resume - Free Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-15 15:50:30
Resume - Free Essay Example
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Ability to communicate efficiently, in written verbal and non-verbal communication A great team leader with high ability to make decisions and resolve conflictsA team player Great organizational and planning skillsStrong skills in the use of Internet

System knowledge - Nice Inform Client for Software.Ability to use advanced Microsoft Word and Microsoft ExcelAn Excellent Understanding of Information Systems

Exceptional Transcription Skills of Committee meetings

Proofreading and Editing of Document


Seeking to succeed in an environment of growth and excellence in a job that provides satisfaction, self-development, and assists in achieving personal as well as organizational goals.


Communication - Ability to efficiently communicate with the internal and external sources professionally and respectfully as well as promote dialogue.Management-experienced team leader with critical thinking and ability to resolve the conflict. Good communicator with adaptability. Able to think fast while maintaining sound judgment and decision making.

Problem Solving - Ability to efficiently resolve queries promptly and address problems or situations as they arise.

Team-Player - Sharing and teaching skills or knowledge obtained throughout personal career and own experiences to achieve success.

Planning and Organizing - Ability to efficiently plan and organize work with the utilization of team members to maximize positive outcomes promptly.

System knowledge - Nice Inform Client for 911 recordings, ICS Law Enforcement-law records system, L3 Digital Evidence Pro-dash & body cam recordings, Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Records Search, TXDOT-C.R.I.S(Crash Records Information System),KRONOS-time clock, KRONOS Workforce Telestaff, GoQA, Motion DSP/Ikena Spotlight reduction software and Higher Ground Retrieval 911 recording software.


Member of Frisco police officers association

March 2016 - up to date

Promoting the general welfare of law enforcement in taxes

Developing platform for closer personal and official relationship among law enforcement personnel

Fostering a steady resolution in all people to protect the right , liberties and welfare of the people

Disseminating new materials and methods in law enforcement

Encouraging recognition of law enforcement as a professional work entitled to commensurate respect

Advocating and encourage legislation for the improvement of law enforcement and work for the befit of its personnel Promoting community involvement through charitable events for citizens of the city of Frisco

City of Frisco Police Department

February 2013 -up to date

Open Records Coordinator

Directly working with the management staff in designing and implementing policies and guidelines relating to communication of requested public information.

Maintaining appropriate lines of communication with the judiciary and legal members of the court family, local community, organizations, and the general public by promoting a positive attitude that represents the department.

Maintaining open lines of communication with the co-workers and supervisors to support healthy and productive working atmosphere.

Generating audio and visual recordings for public and media enquiries.

Maintaining a productive and positive working relationship media outlets and various legal counsel for defendants in ongoing criminal proceedings and various law firms.

Acting as the police department's spokesperson on different occasions.

Generating time-sensitive correspondence to inquiries received from the general public on law enforcement activities.

Performing other clerical duties as deemed necessary to the overall mission of the open records requests and other tasks required.

Avalon Salon & Spas

July 2012- April 2013

Performed daily administrative functions such as sales records, completing paperwork, and daily schedules.

Maintained records of monthly sales for the team members.

Coached staff members to improve productivity and sales.

Ordered and maintained inventory of equipment in the firm.

Performed marketing and promotional activities for the firm.

Hired and trained new employees in my department.

City of Laredo September, 2000-July 2002

Clerk 3

Performed a variety of advanced clerical, secretarial, administrative, bookkeeping, purchasing, and associated duties in support of the Fleet Management division.

Budgeted and administered by the fleet accessory fund for all non-capitalized purchases.

Maintained detailed records of all vehicles and motorized equipment.

Prepared routine and special reports, communications and contract documentation.

Downloaded daily reports for fuel, maintenance, and labor in conjunction with associated spreadsheet balancing.

Researched and recommended non-capitalized purchase options.

Solicited quotes and bids for vehicle, equipment, after-market accessories as well as significant equipment purchases

Performed assigned accounting system functions including processing payment vouchers, check requests, purchase requisitions and purchase orders.

Communicated both orally and in writing with vendors on instances when bid specifications are not met.

Tracked vehicles and equipment accidents.

Completed title work requests and other required documents for fleet asset disposals and also assisted with the coordination of the city's online auction process.

Completed monthly billing reports and inventory updates for submittal to accounting for their general ledger postings.

Performed random inspections of vehicles and equipment to ascertain any non-authorized use, unreported accidents, and potential abuse of city assets.

Transcribed Fleet Committee meeting minutes.

Prepared and maintaining vehicle and equipment folders and files appropriately.

Functioned as a reservationist for the City travel vehicles.

Ordered and maintained division office supplies.

Clerk 3Performed a variety of advanced clerical, secretarial, administrative, bookkeeping, purchasing, and associated duties in support of the Fleet Management division.Budgeted and administered by the fleet accessory fund for all non-capitalized purchases.Maintained detailed records of all vehicles and motorized equipment.Prepared routine and special reports, communications and contract documentation.


Certificate of Completion: Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training Achievement

Certificate of Completion: Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Records Service/Name-based searches.

Certificate of Achievement: TML Intergovernmental Risk Pool/Body Worn Cameras for Law Enforcement Training

Certificate of Completion: The Office of the Texas Attorney General/2015 Open Government Conference.

Certificate of Achievement: U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency/National Incident Management System

Certificate of Completion: TML/Intergovernmental Risk Pool/Time Management Skills Training.

Certificate of Completion: Texas Department of Public Safety/Introduction and Overview.

TMCA Lone Star Chapter: Completed Training at the TMCA Records Management Work Session.

Certificate of Completion: Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Records Service/Name-Based Searches.

Certificate of Attendance: The Office of Texas Attorney General Open Government Training.

Certificate of Notary: State of Texas/ Commissioned Notary for the state of Texas.


Personal and professional references available upon request

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