Response Paper Sample on Wellness

Published: 2022-04-06
Response Paper Sample on Wellness
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This paper starts out by defining the components that constitute "health" and what separates it from "wellness." The social and mental elements are within the definition of health. This distinction has a considerable degree of importance beyond the physical well-being of an individual. I agree with the author that wellness entails external factors such as relationships, economic wealth and health.

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In this case, health is a component of wellness (Prilleltensky, 2013). I like that the conclusions and explanations made in the post are easy to comprehend. Key Word in this assignment is "overall well-being"- with health being a vital component, and the author has tackled it wholly. Concerning health and wellbeing, the two are intertwined. The wellness model that the student chose is called "The Six Dimensions of Wellness" developed by Dr. Bill Hettler. The model itself is self-explanatory because of its simplicity. It has an advantage of being holistic as it uses six components to achieve one goal- that is overall well-being (Yeates, 2017).

The definitions of meaning and fairness using the sister's life as a personal example are, in my opinion, an excellent choice. According to the Six Dimensions Wellness Model, a person's purpose in life and the part played by fairness is directly related to the spiritual and occupational dimensions. The way I interpreted, the sister's sense of accomplishment gives her meaning and is a good example. From this post, I understood that justice means moderation in life, not having too much on the plate to handle. I listened to some podcasts on the Brendon Show; they are quite inspirational. I think I will be a regular visitor to his website.


Prilleltensky, I. (2013). Wellness without fairness: The missing link in psychology.

Yeates, E. A. (2017). Applied Resilience and Integrative Health Model. In 2017 Utah Integrative Health & Resiliency Conference.

Patrick Gallego Response

In this posting, the student goes straight to the point by linking up health and wellbeing; according to him, health is a component of wellness. It made for comfortable and enjoyable reading. According to the author, health concerns physical and mental stability; I hold a similar opinion largely. However, the posting could have had a social component to it. The description of wellness as complete homeostasis is given and correctly so according to (Prilleltensky, 2013).

The definition of fairness and more specifically, Distributive Fairness, was very educational for me. Compared to the classroom texts we read, the explanation offered in this post made more sense to me. I thought that justice meant having just balance or moderation in life, but It turns out that distributive fairness entails more than that. From this posting, I learned that underachievement or failure is part of social justice in distributive fairness (Prilleltensky, 2013). Hence, society should not put too much pressure on individuals to achieve in all the constituents of their lives.

The model given is self-explanatory. The Lifespan model applies to people, where particular health habits are recommended according to the age and age-group of the individual. The model is very practical. In my observations I have seen it being practiced in the society by the people I have interacted with. He gave the example of his wife who lives according to the Lifespan Model. The wife as an example came at the right moment right after explaining the Lifespan Model very conclusively.


Prilleltensky, I. (2013). Wellness without fairness: The missing link in psychology.

Savolaine, J., & Granello, P. F. (2002). The function of meaning and purpose for individual wellness. The Journal of Humanistic Counseling, 41(2), 178-189.

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