Research Paper Example on Spelling and Writing Quality

Published: 2022-12-14
Research Paper Example on Spelling and Writing Quality
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To spell and write research that is quality, is majorly one of the inevitable things that individuals need to acquire to live a prosperous life. Spelling and writing quality majorly is concerned with students and those at higher levels pursuing further education. In today's world, spelling is indeed exceedingly essential. Proper spelling combined by writing quality, is the tremendous reflection on one's average knowledge.

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On the contrary, spelling which is bad plagues an individual all through his entire life. (Limpo& Connelly, 2019), errors made in spelling and writing quality can be errors on the surface, but at the same time can also affect both on the reputation and career of an individual. Moreover, such committed errors might impact perceptions others make concerning the individual. For writing to be quality, it is of great essence for one to appear knowledgeable and intelligent to the audience. Spelling that lacks errors enables readers to indicate that the writing is of quality, thus, going hand in hand.

Literature Review

Substantial research amount conducted reveals that the spelling of words goes hand in hand with writing quality. There is no way ones work will be quality yet it is full of writing errors. Spelling is perceived to be an essential aspect of writing quality. (Harrison et al. 2016) It has been proved that students' work that does not contain spelling errors is always graded higher and thought to be of more excellent quality.

Teachers are keen when judging quality because they are always insensitive to syntax when judging quality. (Rahmanian&Kuperman, 2019), the absence of spelling errors has been considered to be a consistent indicator of quality writing. Graders frequently award high marks to essays that contain no spelling errors hence such essays and research are supposed to be perfect. Aspects such as correct spelling, grammar and the choice of words have been said to be having a more significant influence of judgments on quality writing and spelling. To make sure student's work is written in such a quality way, spelling ought to be effectively taught.

Spelling and writing quality are essential in the modern world; similarly, a display of poor skills in writing and spelling can make individual loose employment opportunities. Therefore, proper spelling and writing is a clear indication of an individual's academic capability and also attention to detail (Ouellette & Rossi, 2017). Individuals with poor skills in spelling and writing are mostly stigmatized and perceived to be sloppy thinkers.

The essence of spelling and writing in the minds of adults and kids is portrayed in different ways. Adolescents and children always think that spelling and writing are vital indicators of performing well in school and also joining college (Ward & Mars, 2015). Correspondingly, they associate writing quality and spelling quality to getting a good job. Parents and educators view spelling to be an essential component of literacy development. (Shanahan, 2016), Improper spelling is a distraction to readers, and it affects overall judgments of their writing quality and spelling. Different studies have analyzed how spelling errors affect readers and authors. Children find stories that spelling errors and writing quality that is not attractive to be less exciting, not memorable and less understandable.


This study was conducted in college student participant groups of three. Participants ensured their questionnaire was complete with little research and few questions that regarded the research. At the end of these questionnaires, participants were granted an opportunity to provide further comments about the research, and their spelling and writing quality. The research consisted of a paragraph that was short and written by the researcher about spelling and writing quality.

Results and Findings

98% of students who have already conducted the survey agreed that there is a relationship between spelling and writing quality and that it impacts students comprehension. I found out that students with excellent skills in writing and spelling developed a high chance of scoring higher grades as compared to those with poor skills. Students also attributed writing and spelling skills to intelligence. It clear that stories with poor spelling and writing quality were considered to be boredom, less attractive, less memorable and less appealing. Majority of students also agreed that quality spellers tend to have quality writing and as a result, it should be a fundamental component to students.Analysis and Discussions

Findings reveal that spelling and writing quality among students are correlated and apprehend comprehension. A large number, on the other hand, approved that perfect writers are often excellent spellers. It depicted that spelling knowledge is connected in word recognition improvement skills. Additionally, students should develop skills in spelling for them to recognize words they write quickly and decode unknown ones too; thus, improving spelling and writing quality proficiently.


The study investigated the relationship between spelling and writing quality. Spelling and writing quality are considered to be critical indicators of intelligence. For a story to be interesting to the reader, the author should write a story that is free from spelling errors and adheres to both spelling and writing quality aspects.


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