Essay Example on the Literature Classes

Published: 2017-12-26
Essay Example on the Literature Classes
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The literature class comprises of one hundred students. Out a hundred students, Sergeant Stasiak’s literature Class have only ten students. The class had lowest number literature class as compared to other classes. The class recorded the lowest number of students who read the novel as only forty-five novels out of three hundred and fifteen were read. However, Sergeant Stasiak’s literature class leads in some novels read per student with an average of 4.5 per ever student. As such, one student read five novels during that particular period. Notably, even with the lowest number of student, Sergeant Stasiak’s seems to be performing well.

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Dr.Kulokowski literature class is the second largest class in term of the number of students in every class with a total of twenty-five students. The class leads in the number of novels read as the class recorded one hundred novels read. Dr.Kulokowski literature class is also second regarding novels read per student with an average novel read per student of four. The reason why the class recorded a low average number of student’s read per novel as compared to Sergeant Stasiak’s literature class yet it led in the number of novels read was because it had more students that Stasiak’s class (Nehemiah et al).

Prof. Zadnicheck’s literature class is the third largest classes regarding the number of students with a population of twenty students. The class is number two in the number of novels read with a total of 80 novels. The average number of some novels per student is 4.0 same as Dr.Kulokowski literature class. The class had the fewer number of students as compare to Dr.Kulokowski class hence it recorded the same number of novels read per students. The reason is, the class read twenty novels less than Dr.Kulokowski class which read one hundred novels.

Mlle. Adhanom’s Class is the largest literature class with a total of forty-five students out of one hundred students. The class recorded the second most significant number of the novel read with an approximate of 90 novels. However, average novel per student was two, as such the class recorded the least number of novels read per every student. This might have been due to a large number of the population the class has even though it had the second most significant number of novel read. The novels were circulating too many students and sometimes some students we forced to wait for others to finish reading before they could have gotten access to the novels (Nehemiah et al). Sergeant Stasiak’s literature class had the highest number of novels read per students since the class had the lowest number of students. As such, the circulation of novels among students is fast as compared to a large population (Cambria)

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