Free Essay Sample about Challenges of Workplace Communication

Published: 2022-09-27
Free Essay Sample about Challenges of Workplace Communication
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"Anytime-anywhere" digital workplace may cause a lot of harm to one's life if not well managed. Every person should ensure that he or she has adequate time with the family and for other activities that may improve the health of an individual. Employees in companies that require them to be 24/7 available suffer from stress and also do not have adequate time for their families. Additionally, they may not be able to engage in sports activities such as jogging which increases the health of an individual. Receiving calls 24/7 may reduce the productivity of an individual since he or she may not have adequate sleep and thus affect service delivery to the clients.

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Smartphones and social media platforms are not be blamed for the loss of work-life balance. The two plays a major role in ensuring that communication is easy from one person to another. Individuals are the ones to be blamed for the wrong use of the smartphones and the social media since they have the ability to decide when to use them and when not to use them. One should choose to keep away from their phones and social media so that he or she can have personal time with the family and time for other life activities apart from the work-related ones. Furthermore, employers are also to be blamed for the loss of the work-life balance since they expect that their employees should always receive work-related calls at all time whether during the day or at night.

As a new employee, I would ensure that I am available for calls during the day or any other time I feel that I can respond to the issues concerning the company. During other times that I am unavailable, I would switch my phone to silent mode and set it in a way that any individual who calls and I fail to pick is sent a message containing the contacts of the other person who can assist. The strategy can be through cooperation with another employee whom I can be assisting in the same way when he or she is unavailable. I would advise the employees to come with a program stating when one is available for the workplace calls to ensure that some people have time for workplace call while the others have time for other life activities. The employees can interchange severally to ensure that at all times the company's services are available but at the same time, the employees have personal time. The strategy can be made a success through applying 'call divert' where an employee who is away from work calls can switch off his or her phone and any client will be forwarded to the other employee who is available.

Companies should employ enough workers who can be available for work related issues through the introduction of shifts at the workplace. Few employees make the company to force the workers to be always available for calls that have been made by the clients or other people concerned with the issues of the firm. Additionally, the company should introduce some automated calls that may use short messages or voice response to reply to issues that are severally asked. For example, some people may be asking the location of the company's offices in an area and this can be easily replied through a short message rather than requiring one of the employees to reply. Finally, the company should train its employees on the need to have time for oneself rather than spending almost every time thinking about the corporation where they are employed.

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