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Published: 2017-12-18 12:19:55
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Industrial Worker

From the outlook of the picture, it can be asserted that the photograph was taken from a working environment characterized by machinery and other equipment. This insinuates that this working environment is a manufacturing plant. In the picture, there are four people. In the background, there are two relatively young boys staring in one direction. In the foreground, there are two more people: one is standing confidently, looking in the direction the photo is taken. The person in the front is a young boy who is sweeping. Whereas others seem to be happy and relaxed in their posture, the sweeper’s face depicts a person who is full of anxiety and not satisfied with the situation at hand. It follows that this picture invokes various themes that are associated with industrial workers. 

Essay on child labor

The issue of child labor is brought up in this photo. The person who is sweeping is young and seems to be unhappy with what he is doing. Apparently, various manufacturing industries and companies still engage in child labor, despite its abolishment in the 19th century, according to the labor laws. Children who are employed are vulnerable to unacceptable working terms and conditions due to their limited knowledge of their rights. This can, in turn, make their employees to exploit them, regarding massive workloads and long working durations culminated with meager payments that barely match the input. The child in the picture is being supervised as he sweeps. The worries and anxiety highlighted in his face indicate that the boy is unhappy with something, perhaps from what he is doing. While others continue looking, the boy keeps sweeping implying that the whole task of sweeping is left to him. 

It is apparent that some industries still perpetuate the element of child labor. There is the need of finding a lasting solution to this vice since it violates fundamental rights of a child. 


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