Essay Sample on Reaping Returns from Community Investments

Published: 2023-02-13
Essay Sample on Reaping Returns from Community Investments
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The community is considered as a significant part of a company in two ways; the first is through the provision of labor, and the second is through customer support for the company. The company ends up gaining an advantage towards their products and their sales. A company should, therefore, build good relationships with the community influences and can be used to determine the economy during the operational period. As a result of competition at the international level, the community is involved in the company has been significantly considered. There are various determinants in concerning the sales to manage to provide versatile services (Heymann & Barrera, 2010).

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According to Heymann & Barrera (3), a company has to engage in building itself as well as the community mainly because a company may face difficulties at the point where it decides to make changes to the various services that they offer. The companies are always at will to choose the community services that they will engage. Associated Cement Company Limited (ACC) has not been left behind in offering services to the community that surrounds them. As a result of the challenges that the company experienced as it was beginning services in rural areas like poor infrastructure, inadequate water, and other significant factors that facilitate production. The company had to change the situation.

There are various services that ACC Company has engaged in that can be considered to form a significant basis for successful production and sales (Heymann & Barrera, 4). The services include:

Housing and schools- the company establishes that the communities living around them had inadequate housing and schools. The companies were in places where the houses were either not in good condition or not meeting the adequate standards of living conditions.

Infrastructure is another community venture that ACC Company had to help the community surrounding them to achieve. The reason was that during that time, the transport system was inadequate.

Water and adequate sanitation services have also been provided for the surrounding communities. The company requires an efficient flow of water, and therefore, both the community and the company can thrive.

With the services provided for the members of the community for their benefit and their families, the employees in the company can work at ease knowing that their families are living in good condition. The employees that as described in the first place will be in an excellent position to also work efficiently. The work efficiency is one of the benefits that the company reaps as a result of offering a helping hand to the community. I think that also the community helps to market the commodity that the company produces that in turn, favors the company in terms of market availability.

The community, on the other hand, can benefit a great deal with the services as has been described and also the availability of jobs. If a company creates a friendly environment with the surrounding community, the expected outcome is tremendous results for the company. It all begins with the relationship established with the employees and the surrounding community that determines whether the company will attract success and other benefits for the company, including ready market and good relations. The company will end up at the top always for building helpful links with the company that is a two-way benefit for both. It all matters with the manner that the foundation is created that determine what a company reaps.


Heymann, J & Barrera M., (2019). Reaping Returns from Community Investments: Why It Pays for Your Company to Give Back. Harvard Business Press.

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