Essay Example: Realism of Manmade Climate Change

Published: 2017-08-31
Essay Example: Realism of Manmade Climate Change
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In the contemporary society, it has become apparent that climate change is a real concern and is one of the extreme threats facing the world. As climatic changes take place, the earth becomes warm, and currently, there is overriding scientific evidence that supports the changes and that human activities cause them. Human activities that encompass burning of fossil fuels as well as cutting down of trees are some of the activities that play a huge in global warming. Furthermore, greenhouses gasses such as methane, nitrous oxide, water vapor, and carbon dioxide significantly contributes to global warming. The rise in global warming causes a reduction in various kinds of species as well as their habitats thereby making it very hard to sustain the natural ecosystem. Moreover, there is also enough evidence of high temperatures in the past few years in various regions as well as extreme weather pattern that show climate changes. This paper, therefore, seeks to discuss as well as expound the realism of the manmade climate change.

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Global warming by man is scientifically undetermined. Global warming by many has been identified as toxins that are released into our atmosphere that are trapped by our ozone layer hence, heating our atmosphere. The release of such toxins has contributed to an estimated 1.3 degrees over the last (110) years. The man-made global warming has been identified as an excessive amount of CO2 released into our solar system by excessive burning of fossil fuels like natural gas, coal, and oil. Although identified by Gore and his scientific committee, the massiveamount of carbon dioxide is not the only problem to global warming. Contributing to high levels of CO2, is the deforestation and burning or wood, reducing our rainforest by one third, along with polluting our oceans and wild life (Gore 36).

Methane (CH4) is second and most highly toxic based global warming element known to man. NASA research has confirmed this with the help of extensive studies. Furthermore, CH4 is retained in the atmosphere by a time ratio of 20:1 years, against CO2 (Halwarth12). Also, the methane gas is generated from natural sources such as natural gas, landfills, agriculture, coal mines and livestock. Livestock alone is estimated to produce more greenhouse emissions than all the vehicles in the world. (Gore 36)

According to Climate change, the Public Health Response (435), the main interest in global warming is the attracting attention from policy makers. This is due to its impacts such as floods, extreme weather, increases in temperature, heat waves, storms, etc. The disasters result in loss of human life and injuries due to natural calamities caused by climate change. The determination of health, such as quality and quantity of foods, water resources, and ecological disease control vectors are also affected.

These claims, effectively, according to many scholarly author and hundreds of scientist, states that the excessive emissions helps our planet. Scientist states that carbon dioxide is Earth's true friend since trees, peanuts, wheat, cotton, flowers, and several other plants greatly benefit from amplified levels of atmospheric CO2 (Carlisle 334). Scientist around the world have conducted years and decade long studies in doubling the greenhouses emissions released in a contained grow house to twice that release today of about 360ppm to over 700ppm with excessive health, height and girth in all the plant life (Carlisle 334).

The greenhouse effect normallyreceives a wrong rap since its link with the global warming, though the truth is that we may not live without this. Furthermore, the life on this earth relies on the energy generated from the sun. Nearly 30% of the suns radiation that faces the Earth can be deflected by the outer part of the atmosphere as well as scatter it back into the space. The heat that is caused by the infrared rays often absorbed by the greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide, ozone, methane, water vapor, and nitrous oxide (Goreham38).Although greenhouse gases make up only about 1% of the atmosphere, they alsocontrolthe climate by ensnaring heat as well as holding it in a way of warm-air cover that backdrops the planet and this situation is called greenhouse effect (West 2).

Like everything to much of something has the potential to have an adverse effect. Deforestation for farming and an increase in population will require more use of fossil fuels and an increase in methane gas. Once you get over the amounts of CO2 and CH4 which regulates around 400ppm for each you essentially elevate into the unknowns of the complete plant alteration or in the case of discussion; a deterioration . We have learned that under controlled testing, methane at twice the rate of current readings increases the size and health of plant life, essentially allowing it to stand up to the intense storms. When you consider this, it is almost like mother earth is adapting to the climate change; the miracle of nature and evolution if you will. Thus, the question lies; what is too much, too much before the earth can no longer adapt?

Scientists have the abilities to go back century to determine that temperatures were higher back then, as opposed to today; this being before the industrial revolution and vast ginormous increase in population. Scientist is concerned that if we continue at the level of deforestation for land and farming, the greenhouse effect has the potential to have an adverse effect. The continuation currently is not that of the hundred years ago.

According to Jane and Beitler (2), January 2016 experienced air temperatures near the sea levels of about 925 Pa more than 6C or 13F across most of the Arctic Ocean. Furthermore, the daily average temperatures in many areas of the Arctic Ocean normally surpass the top end scale. One of the factors is the feedbacks like the changes to the jet stream as well as the reduction of ice and snow cover in the Arctic areas that causes the sunlight to get absorbed by the water thereby causing more decline. As discussed in earlier discussions, potentially the methane gas is exceeding the atmospheric rate of consumption hence, reflecting back to our planet.

Let us move toward the other spectrum. There is thousands of scientists around the world that mathematically produce algorithms, specializing in the topic of global warming, that is convinced that our planet will adapt; even with the growing population it will be many decades before we observe vast effective warming temperatures (Goreham 193). It has been determined by some, that science requiresassuming a top role to the realism on global warming with the political agenda aside. Such harsh change with projected renewable and sustainable energy sources, although registered as predictable science, has the potential to offset the current state of the planet today. For example, oil is bubbling from the oceans of southern California as well as the Gulf of Mexico. Thus, this has been great concern of utilizing and harvesting fossil fuels in todays debate of global warming, has the effect of destroying much of our sea life (Goreham 258).

That being said, we still have a responsibility to the social health of the population and the well-being of the planet and need to take preventive measures moving forward. The political agenda has driven the cost of identifying and transforming the way we obtaining our energy to a $200-billion per/yr. If you were to ask the wealthiest people in the world, what industry has the biggest and most secure jobs for the next 30-years, you will hear new forms of sustainable and renewable energy. The inertia of this subject is in motion and may not be stopped in the foreseen future. The ramifications are devastating to developing countriessince the cost shall be barred from moving forward. Goreham (34) states that developed nations, the world will endure 100s of thousands of job losses, and tax increases to fund said changes without return of financial measurable differences.

It is our entire obligation to make change to secure a healthy planet for future generations. A visionary can clearly see as the population doubles, our needs for energy vastly increases. The increase causes projected dangerous levels of CO2 and CH4, which both can be devastating in biblical potions. If our concentration of CH4 dramatically increases as forestry decreases the temperature will essentially raise since we only reflect 30% into the atmosphere. When the average of CH4-PPM reaches dangerous levels, the CO2 retains the heat of the CH4 suns reflection. This will cause a potential depletion of the ozone layer, causing severe heating of the planet; causing destruction to our way of life today.

We have developed short term and long-term solutions to help facilitate in relying less on foreign oil and by reducing a good portion of CO2 gases. The UN and EU have developed their own guide lines/directives to deliver 20 percent of the energy from renewable sources like solar and wind by 2020. The continents that are capable of producing the most amounts of wind energy, via renewable sources, are Africa as well as North America,though Australia and Africa also have the potentialfor solar renewable energy. Grounded in the uneven distribution of the sunlight, it causes different density in the air in different regions. Based on thebrought by the atmospheric pressure, air moves from higher to lower pressure area that results in winds of varies speeds. When you consider the layout of our world, both land and offshore the geography is clear (Gore 91).

When you consider the change to the planets image to sustain the projected population growth over the next fifty years, it is hard to fathom how the earth will look. We have many other ways of obtaining sustainable energy rather than renewable energy, but like anything, it comes with cost and risk.

Moving forward, we can see the future need for change, but according to scientific research, this is debatable and appears at period to be a conspiracy, rather than cry wolf. This is a migration path, just like the roads build for travel. Unless the end of the world arrives first, a major portion of my research has shown that regular progression via the earths capability to sustain itself (adapt organically) prevails. This will allow for an easy migration, which can and will address most, if not all human, plant and animal issues related to inflated CO2 and CH4 emissions.

Predominantly, the issue of global warming should be one of the things that forms the fundamental agenda in many nations just has it had started in the Copenhagen summit few years ago. It has become thereal menace that affects the world at large and thus the developed nations largely contribute to the vast amounts of greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere that majorly plays a huge role in global warming and climate change. The developing nations have been seen to make more damage in the process of deforestation thereby allowing large amounts of carbon dioxide to be available in the atmosphere. The use of clean energy that encompass wind, solar, and even biomass shall largely eliminate the fossil fuels that contribute to global warming.

Various sources have attempted to explain how global warming and climate change being experienced in the world currently is linked to manmade activities. In fact, Rubin, Jerry & Mann in their work, Climate Change Explained and Proof It's Man Made & Climate Change and Sea Level Rise reveal how the entire process is manmade. In his interview, Dr. Mann expounds the issue at hand by stating that the world shall exist after the estimated destruction of humanity pertinent for global species obliteration from the vast amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere if the remedial actions are not applied. In this line, Dr. Mann relates the present population and correlates it with the growth in population and states that if carbon dioxide is not well sustained in the atmosphere, then land, water, air, and food shall no more be a commodity. On the other hand, Mr. Rubin in referenced to the UN National Academy of Science reiterate that more than 97 percent of the world scientists unquestionably recognize that the issue of climate change that the world is currently facing relates to the impacts of global warming. Therefore, the aspects of climate change and global warming have been vastly associated with various aspects of human activities.

Furthermore, climatic changes have been shown to have vast impacts on people's health. In view of Climate Changes and Human Health in China (60), the country has been recognized as leading developing nation and presently the strongest industrial revaluation in the history of the world whereby 2020, the growth expectancies are estimated to quadruple. With the tremendous increase in growth rate, there is the essential need to have enough fossil fuels to keep the country going and as a result, there are more greenhouse gasses that are discharged into the atmosphere. The nation experiences many carbon dioxide discharges into the air, which is one of the gasses, that contributes to global warming. Due to the vast increase of the carbon dioxide as well as other greenhouse gasses due to burning fossil fuels thereby causing growing evidence of corrosion of human health. The health impacts encompass the mortality from dangerous weather events, the changes in water and air quality, as well as shifts in the ecology of the infectious diseases. Hence, such disease frequently flourishes on warmer temperatures and tend to reduce with colder temperatures. The changes in climatic conditions have been vastly related to the mortalities. The protractions of the world studies trust that the massive growth in the extreme weather situations has a connection to the calamitous happenings like the floods, typhoons, landslides, and blizzards.

According to Goreham (38), global warming refers to a phrase and the premature study that has efficiently snowballed into the destruction of the earth through carelessness utilization of the fossil fuels, the natural gas, well as the adjustment of the rivers to generate sustainable energy for the worlds seven billion populace. Goreham, just like many other authors in this field, attributes the issue of global warming to Man-Mad activities such as destruction of the rain forest that slowly kills our planet making it dangerous for the future generations. Furthermore, just as the thesis suggests, Gore (116) explores the realism of global warming, the well-known facts about reversing and sustaining the present state as well as the universal directives that are incongruously experiencing changes in the atmosphere. The UN meeting that took place in Copenhagen, Denmark and was the first to be held, highlighted the aspect of worldwide basis in sustaining and reversal of global warming. The meeting marked the commencement of the world directive to discuss the pact to support the earth. In essence, the world had reached a point where the issues of global warming are very threatening to the well-being of the lives, and therefore, much remedy is required to address the issue at hand. Primarily, the event promoted the matter of deforestation that has been on the maximum in developing nations to exhibit sharp reduction. Furthermore, the meeting triggered the world change to have green energy as the replacement for the fossil fuels whichsignificantly contributes to the greenhouse gasses.

According to Nordhaus and William (54), the global warming is genuine and has real consequences. The implications of global warming are apparent as well as painfully intense thus the conflict of the urgent actions is still the subject of discussion by several scholars. Therefore, in essence, the authors argument not solely accentuates on the persistent debates on global warming, but also on the research of the economic efficacy required in lowering the carbon dioxide as well as other greenhouse gasses that are released immediately into the atmosphere. In this regard, any attempts to reverse the damaging situation of global warming should be well-focused at this point without further delays that shall make the process of transition more expensive than when executed at this point.

Much focus must be placed on alternative energy sources that have little impact on the atmosphere. As seen, fossil fuel represents one of the sources of energy that massively contributes to global warming. Therefore, the world must focus on the usage of clean energy sources to help salvage the planet before extreme depletion is done to the ozone layer. Accordingly, Gallucci in her post elucidates that financier, as well as investors across the globe, has vowed to put together their trillions of money in the collective wealth to execute the usage of clean energy projects with the sole intention of reducing the greenhouse gasses emissions. In December 2015, the world leaders of approximately 200 countries accepted to restrict the increase of universal average levels of temperatures to nearly below 2 degrees. Even though this comes at an enormous cost, the world stands a great deal to benefit from such investments that aim at reducing the global warming.

Moreover, some of the challenges that are experienced to overcome the global warming are the issues of biases in data thereby making studies on the issue at hand very tight. The nonconformity in available scientific data can sometimes prove very hard to advance in the studies of global warming and come up with precise information on how detrimental the global warming and climatic changes has been in the contemporary society.

The scientific studies being evaluated begins with the equilibrium balance of thermodynamic energy based on the amount of the received solar radiation, the capacity to reflect sunlight, losses ensued by the long-wave radiation of the earths surface as well as turbulent heat exchange with the surface. In fact, just as states by Radovanovic et al. (1055), sometimes the idea being researched and passed can easily be made bias by humans thereby making it lose the scientific data that backs the vital research as well as contradicting or even diluting the truth about the complete information or study being conducted.

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