Project Failure Cases- Free Essay in Project Management

Published: 2018-01-28
Project Failure Cases- Free Essay in Project Management
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A)The case of Denver International Airport Baggage Handling system was a failed project that was planned by BAE who were in charge of the supply, installation, and operation of baggage handling equipment at the airport. A bid for the project was directly requested by the Denver Project management team to BAE in the early periods of 1992 (Dalal Sandeep & Rajender 23).

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B)The complexity of the project as it began was that according to the contract issued to the company by the airport, they were supposed to widen the United Airlines baggage control system into a combined method that could accommodate all the airlines as well as arriving and leaving flights.

C)The transfer baggage of the system was also supposed to be automatic. The United Airlines also change their plans for the project, and removes the system of transferring bags between aircrafts. Due to this sudden change in the project, it saves a huge sum of money, but results in a major redesign of a United Airlines portion of the system.

D)The project organization was set up to reduce congestion at the airport baggage system by expanding their baggage set up system and also make it automatic to make the processes of check up at the airport fast and effective. However the changes made during the initial plans of the project result in major delays causing the project to fail immensely. The individuals making the fundamental decisions of the project underestimated the complexity of the project they were taking. The baggage system that was being attempted by the project coordinators was the most complex one ever attempted and they did consider this factor when making the unnecessary changes during the project.

E)The reasons for failure of the project was first due to the underestimation of the project plans. The lack of identification of the complexity of the project and the risk involved also contributed to the delay of the project as per the initial decisions. There was also an exaggeration of the effort involved in making the project successful. The drastic change in strategy was also another key factor that led to the failure of the project. During the entire plan, nothing was done to mitigate these problems leading the plan to fail (Conway 74). According to the evaluation reports, the failure was mainly caused by these factors that led to a complete delay in the start of the project, making operations at the Denver International Airport difficult. Despite the delays witnessed, the project team and BAE still proceeded with the project knowing that there was little time left in the plan to be completed progressively.

A)The principles of a good software development, such as Scum are that it is simple and has the ability to act as a cover for many engineering practices promoted by other responsive methodologies. It also has proven productivity level. RUP is also another software development that contains all the basic elements of a development procedure such as tasks, roles, and workflow. It is also centered on architecture and can be used by many organizations.

B)The principles used in the Denver International Airport baggage system project was SCUM as the engineers viewed it as a simple project.

C)However, they should have used the Rational Unified Process that is more specific and allows the engineers to use basic elements in approaching the project development. It also provides a better platform for most engineering projects than SCUM which is limited. RUB is also used for more technical jobs like the one in Denver International Airport and therefore it would have been a success if it was used instead of SCUM.

D)Apart from the underestimation of the project, the plan would have been successful if it had commenced early as initially planned and more strategy was put in building the project through careful analysis and planning.

In conclusion, project management planning is a vital process when undertaking any project. In this analysis of a failed case, the project failed due to underestimation of the technicality of the project and more effort should have been put to analyze the project in depth.

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